American Horror Story: Drink the Kool-Aid
November 1, 2017 6:27 PM - Season 7, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Kai tests the cultists. Ally and Ivy share a meal.
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I really was not happy with last week's episode, but wow did they nail it here. Even things that sound bad on paper -- Winter continuing to make no fucking sense at all as a character, Ivy's death being telegraphed almost from the start of her last scene -- really worked. Winter may not make sense, but she kind of reliably does the worst thing in any situation, so there is a sort of perverse logic at work in her. And it may not have been a surprise to see Ivy die, but it was awfully satisfying. (Even if -- I'm sorry -- I do have some sympathy for her position; Ally would have been a real pain in the ass to be married to, in my opinion.)

I'm hoping they manage to make this ending work. I love that Ally is using Kai's own madness against him. Gaslighting the worst of Reddit incarnate has a delicious irony to it. But I must take exception to the idea that Kai wouldn't be familiar with "Ozymandias" -- there is, I promise you, no way in hell Kai has not both seen Breaking Bad and read Watchmen.
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I know I've whined and complained, but I'm glad I stuck it out so far.

Winter's a weathervane without much personal agency. Ally being a pita to be married to, well, taken to its logical conclusion (she gets pissed, kills you with arsenic).

The LD50 of acute arsenic ingestions is about 1-3mg/kg. A random celebrity site suggests that Alison Pill is 56kg so 50-150mg (0.05-0.150g) of arsenic. A teaspoon of salt is about 5.5g. Even if rat poison is only 3% arsenic trioxide by weight, a teaspoon is 165mg (0.165g) right there.

But a teaspoon of rat poison is going to taste like something (reportedly; sweat).

For this to make sense, Ally would probably have had to get her hands on some primary source of arsenic. Looking at common chemical grades available, I could see her getting 'technical' grade from mining/mineral refining operations or something, 'purified' from a "science kit" or something, or 'lab/reagent/ACS' from a chemistry/zoology lab.

My paternal grandmother was told to me to have committed suicide with arsenic based rat poison. Yes the haemoraging and bleeding, but lots of of that while writhing painfully in bed. For a pretty long time. Certainly far far longer than was shown here, and with much more agony.


My prediction is that Kai is only pretending to be gaslit.

Ally gives Kai "her casefile" and there's the picture of the donor. Why is that in the casefile? All that's required is a donor ID number in a field somewhere. It makes zero sense for the donor's file to be included in the client's file, especially given the premise that the client doesn't know what the donor looks like.

Otherwise, Ally/Ivy freaking out that Kai might actually be the donor is completely bogus, since they'd have originally known what the donor looked like.

Or Ally thinks that Kai is an idiot.


That the bros were willing to drink the kool aid (and kill someone who refused) rings false (unless they were in on it as a torture thing for the women, but that's a stretch), even with all that background about previous cults that committed mass suicide. Ditto with being ok about being castrated. The no masturbation thing.. I guess the writers got inspired by a toxic reddit sub.
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