The Gifted: got your siX
November 6, 2017 8:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Determined to find out more about what Sentinel Services did to an old friend of his, Thunderbird spearheads a mission to get answers. Meanwhile, Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers; and Blink makes a decision regarding her future.
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The Struckers do need to realize that this is their new normal. I concur with that.
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The family drama here is leagues above a lot of non-genre shows. The dialog definitely helps, even when it has to go down the cliche rabbit holes, these writers should definitely tackle the rest of X-Men stuff. Of course the cast also does amazing work.

This was just a solid episode and I don't really have any notes... which is a weird feeling for me.
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I liked how they breezed past the mention of the X-Men - no giant exposition dump about who/where they are, just taking it for granted that the audience has seen enough movies/shows/comics to get the gist of things.

It's like there was a first season that happened off-screen, and we've skipped past having to watch Peter Parker get bitten by the radioactive spider for the umpteenth time.
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Well, they are doing enough flashbacks for some of the more show-specific stuff, but yeah - the marvel universe is beginning to expect that people either know some of the fundamentals, can figure it out from context, or are willing to go along for the ride because it's not _really_ that important that you know how the mutant gene expresses the powers blah blah & so forth. It Just Does.

I'm sort of getting annoyed that pops keeps throwing himself into dangerous situations and sonny keeps feeling like he's 2, maybe 3 good realizations away from going all Bad Mutant on us, and I'm wondering if we'll get that or if it's just going to be the persecuted mutant storyline that it appears to be on the surface. I still don't have much of a read on where the daughter is going, and Polaris' constant smirk is starting to annoy me a bit. But I'm enjoying the story for what it is.
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I was waiting for a few other to weigh in because I thought this was a pretty weak episode, frankly.

Could we not have had a bit of time to explore Jace's memory alteration before he just rages into his office, where no one will enforce his leave of absence or remind him that he's part of a chain of command and has laws to follow, which include getting warrants for things like surveillance?

Could the good guys, who have a wide range of powers,have come up with any better plan to gather info that wasn't smash walls, run around in search of room, magically know which room to go into and then magically escape to waiting semi-truck(???) despite being hemmed in by a swat team? so dumb.

And OK the way you train teenage mutants to be tough soldiers is by lobbing saw blades at them? in the middle of the refuge?

I know they need shortcuts to parental concern and violence is the new normal and I-need-to-understand-you-son and mom-will-never-understand-me-and-my-powers but c'mon, there is so much to work with once you admit, as others have mentioned above, that your audience understands the workings of the x-people universe that you don't have to be so very lazy. I guess i'm spoiled by Legion.

We're six episodes in and there is no clear story here beyond wildly overpowered sentinal services is closing in on a band of refugee mutants who would be hopeless without the Struckers. Not sure if that is interesting enough to keep me watching.
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This is so, so minor, but when Jace looks meaningfully at the photo of his family in his office, I was immediately struck by the fact that the photo was taken in the same park where the daughter died - you can see the exact same skyscraper behind them and everything.

It took me right out of the narrative because I just kept wondering "is this supposed to be some sort of deliberate talisman of his loss and rage, or is it just the hilariously ghoulish result of the show only having access to that actress for a brief time at that exact location?"
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