The Vampire Diaries: I'll Remember
October 5, 2014 6:33 AM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Elena struggles with the death of Damon; Jeremy and Matt stay in Mystic Falls and get on with their lives. Stefan doesn't want to see or talk to anyone from his past and starts a new life. Alaric teaches at Whittmore College, which Tyler now attends and Caroline dropped out of.

And that final scene is a head scratcher.
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They're reading a Mystic Falls newspaper. My hoped for twist is that they're humans inside MF who have no idea about the supernaturals at all.

Nice to see the sheriff from Eureka pop up.
posted by viggorlijah at 6:45 AM on October 5, 2014 [1 favorite]

Oh my god, viggorlijah, I hadn't thought of that. Brilliant! But then why whipped cream fangs on the pancake?
posted by Kitteh at 7:02 AM on October 5, 2014

Ah, yes. So they might know about the supernatural but I'm hoping they've chosen not to be involved and to be as human as the rest who got a second chance.
posted by viggorlijah at 7:13 AM on October 5, 2014 [1 favorite]

I'm curious to see how this pans out.

Also, all the sads that Alaric is so so unhappy. He needs his bestie back. Those bottles of brown liquor ain't gonna drink themselves.
posted by Kitteh at 7:40 AM on October 5, 2014 [1 favorite]

I do love the twist that Elena's not acting weird because she's processing this grief differently than the mountain of previous grief; nope, she's just hallucinating constantly.

The final scene was intriguing. Along with the fangs and their apparent cheerful conversation, we have Damon dressed like a lumberjack. Since his usual style is shirtless, barely buttoned, or leather jacket, it's a bit of a departure.
posted by Margalo Epps at 8:20 PM on October 6, 2014 [2 favorites]

I heard (though didn't see it myself, so I can confirm) that the date on the newspaper in the last scene was 1994. That, the flannel, and the really obvious Collective Soul song playing.... did Damon and Bonnie time travel to 1994? That is possibly the only thing that can redeem this show for me, because I am so not here for the witch twins and for even more Elena crying all the time. I really loved this show for the first 4 seasons, but they're losing me because it seems like they have no idea what to do with half of the main cast now.

Super glad Alaric is back, though!!
posted by banjo_and_the_pork at 9:07 AM on October 7, 2014 [3 favorites]

While I'm super glad Alaric is back, my husband is too if only because every time they would have him show up in flashbacks or as an unseen spirit next to Damon, I would just start weeping.
posted by Kitteh at 2:23 PM on October 7, 2014 [2 favorites]

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