American Horror Story: Great Again
November 15, 2017 6:08 PM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Ally shares a devastating truth with Kai. Beverly asks a favor. Is the cult larger than any one person?
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Holy shit am I excited about Coven season 2.
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I don't think Ally is starting a coven at the end, although I'd love to see how they would make that work (since Sarah Paulson played the supreme witch). Maybe they could just run a big split down the middle of the screen, like in a mirror universe episode of Star Trek.

I thought this paid off the series pretty well. I admit I expected something a little more elaborate to Ally's betrayal than she just brings in a van full of FBI agents -- I thought maybe she switched the space monkeys' drugs with poison, or loaded their guns with blanks. (That came later.) And the stuff with the guard doesn't hold up to fridge logic. Still, by American Horror Story standards, this was some tight writing. The emotional beats played out. And was it satisfying to see Beverly blow Kai's brains out? It sure was. If it was also predictable, that's okay. We got what we were waiting for.

Ultimately, I'm not sure Kai's character ever made sense, and while I don't think that was by design -- a lot of things on AHS never make sense -- I do think that's maybe more truthful than the show even intended. As a great man once said (in a Batman movie), "Some men just want to watch the world burn." That's probably what Kai was about, and it seems for sure to be what's going on with the would-be Kais who walk among us. The show increasingly becomes about sexism as it goes along, but I feel like Kai mostly went down that road because going Full MRA was the most expedient path to his goals. And his goals were basically just to start shit. He did it all for the lulz.
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Before this episode I was really not liking the season, but they way they tied everything together and brought things to a satisfying conclusion bumped up my view to favorable.
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This wound up being a "Joker vs. Lex Luthor" villain fight at the end, and I enjoyed it in that light. Ally's transformation from "flawed heroine" to "perfect villain" was very satisfactory, and there were breadcrumbs that lead us along that path, most of them oddly enough set down by Kai's arc. And Sarah Paulson's performance! Her journey from scream-queen to Yaaaas-Queen, especially her sadistic smiles when she knows she has her victims where she wants them and her pawns are in place? Yesssssss. Also, Evan Peters is almost as fun here as "Jaaaaaames Patrick Marrrrrrsch!"
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