Steven Universe: Kevin Party
November 17, 2017 12:39 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Kevin cheers up Kevin the only way Kevin knows how: By throwing a legendary party for himself.

Synopsis: Kevin approaches Steven about his party, intent on getting Stevonnie to show up. Steven balks at first, but the thought that Connie might be there convinces him to attend.

He shows up and sees Connie (and Lion) at the party. Connie, like many before her, has approached this shift in her life by getting a sweet new haircut. Kevin is deeply dismayed to learn Steven and Connie's relationship is on the rocks, because this means Stevonnie will not appear and make his party unforgettable. He attempts to help Steven by giving him a lot of shitty advice geared toward passive aggressively making an ex-girlfriend jealous, which all naturally backfires. When Kevin finds out that Connie isn't Steven's ex-girlfriend but is in fact his BEST FRIEND, he panics. Poor Kevin doesn't have any experience with people genuinely connecting with each other.

Luckily, Steven and Connie do. Steven drops the shitty Kevin act and he and Connie talk about their feelings. Unsurprisingly, this makes things better and they leave on Lion together, denying both us and Kevin the satisfaction of seeing what Stevonnie would look like in a cute skirt.

Poster Notes: This was a great episode on a lot of levels. Kevin was at his most hilarious. His weird obsession with a person that only exists when two tweenagers inhabit the same body (and his seeming acceptance that this is the case) is, as I said, weird.

Steven and Connie demonstrated again that the best way to work out your issues is to genuinely communicate. Were it only that easy in real life, but they both had time to think about what happened and why they felt the way they did. Also, it's funny that Steven's various activities in previous episodes were what led directly to him not meeting up with Connie. And Connie's "I wanted to say I didn't want to talk right now, but that was talking..." is too real.
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Connie's new haircut is to die for!!!!
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My son and I agree that this was by far the best episode of the current bomb. The lessons of Kevin's superficiality were writ large, the reunion was painfully, awkwardly ,perfectly satisfying.

We noted that none of the members of Sadie Killer were at the party (would have been a good gig tho').
And how will Kevin ever do anything cooler than riding a giant pink lion into an interdimensional portal?
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Um, they were clearly riding a dog.
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Things are fucked up when you start taking Kevin's advice.

This was a cute episode, though I liked Sadie Killer the best of this bomb. I hate Kevin's smug rude entitled guts so I couldn't get past him to really enjoy this, and the big, big leap of faith in believing that both Steven and Connie would put aside how much of a shitty person Kevin is in order to go to his party. Like, he's literally the worst human in Beach City.

Also I kept getting distracted by how the animators couldn't decide on how tall Connie was going to be.
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"Can't decide how tall" is one of the defining characteristics of Steven Universe.
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Anyone else think that the "Sabina" who Kevin is so wounded over is none other than everyone's favourite Mystery Girl?

Also, I thought it was pretty cool that even Kevin was savvy enough to use "they" pronouns for Stevonnie.
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Kevin is the woke bro who's actually pretty terrible.

I loved this episode for the obvious reasons, but the best part that got me all gushy was when Steven shed the clothes Kevin gave him and Connie commented on the shirt he wore to the party. I dunno why but that was too adorable.
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, I suspect Kevin views Stevonnie as two kids in a beautiful trenchcoat (plural they) rather than a non-binary person (singular they).
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Yeah I noticed that too but I think it was more of a Doyleist "Let's not have someone misgender someone else in our kids cartoon" than a Watsonian "Kevin is actually woke but still an asshole."
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im surprised. I was kind of expecting them to never get back together. It seemed more.... fitting. More realistic I guess.
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I do hope that they continue to make it explicit that Steven really betrayed Connie's trust and she was right to feel the way she felt about it. It would be easy to just ignore it and make them friends again, which makes it seem like Connie had to do all the emotional labor of dealing with her hurt and forgiving Steven for hurting her. It should also make Connie more adamant about putting herself between Steven and harm, which is good drama since Steven really doesn't want Connie (or anyone really) fighting on his behalf.
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I heard a rumor that there are new episodes? Are they on The App? (The ads for "The App" that use the definite article make it sound like The Machine or The Ceremony from a third-tier YA novel about a dystopian future.)
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There was a new two-part episode that aired 1/5/18 on the real actual Cartoon Network between blocks of Teen Titans Go. I guess I'll go ahead and make discussion threads for them.
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