Bob's Burgers: Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl
October 6, 2014 8:23 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Wagstaff Middle School have an open call for a new musical (enough of Grease, already), which gives Gene the opportunity to make his Die Hard musical a reality. That is, until Courtney Wheeler's dad says that his daughter's Working Girl musical will bring Carly Simon to the school. To get revenge, Louise helps Gene pull off a guerilla-slash-protest production of his musical. Whose musical will triumph? Will Mr. Frond resolve the dispute and win himself a "Conflicty"?
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On first view: not the strongest season opener, but I'm happy to see it back. The end Die Hard/Working Girl mashup was the peak of the episode for me.
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"I would like to see an actual Die Hard/Working Girl crossover," I say, surprising no one. Until then, this will certainly do.

Regular sized Rudy, in even a supporting role is enough for me to give the episode 3 stars off the bat. Andy and Ollie as the hand-holding FBI agents pretty much guaranteed most of that additional star.

"My kids are in competing musicals -- this is my dream."
"That's your dream?"
"Yeah that and Tina is president."

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I had read that the season opener was going to be a musical and was expecting the whole episode to be a musical, rather than an episode about them doing musicals. It was pretty good, but it won't get a spot among my favorite episodes. I very much enjoyed the "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" final song, but also the (very short bit of) "I'm Grubin'".

It's always good to see Regular Sized Rudy (and many of the other supporting characters). I'm also hoping for a return of Jessica this season (the only girl who managed to actually stay for Louise's sleep-over). Maybe it's just me, but every time I see Courtney's dad I'm expecting him to be voiced by Stephen Tobolowsky, I think they look alike to the point that I get confused whenever he (the dad) has a line because I'm expecting a different voice.

Bob: Working Girl is the film that inspired me to be whatever I wanted to be.
Louise: And so you're this? Come on dad.
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The AV Club review does a pretty good job of expressing why this episode felt lumpy to me... But to be honest, I loved the ending so much that I'd rate this higher overall than they did. Not the best Bob's Burgers, but they've got another 21 coming, so I don't mind so much.
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I thought it started out okay and became amazing by the end, so no arguments with the AV Club reviewer. Still waiting on Netflix to get season 4.
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Louise charged both her parents five dollars to get into the underground musical. That makes me happy.
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"Nakatomi. Nakatomi. Nakatomi. Nakatomi! Nakatomi! Nakatomi!"

"Thank you! Next!"
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This really made me want to go and watch Stop the Planet of the Apes: I Want to Get Off! again.
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Does anyone know who the blond kid (2nd from the left in the line-up here, and closer up) is? It seems weird for them to put a completely new character in the chorus line just like that, without any introduction or lines. Have I just forgotten a previous appearance? From left to right I have: Regular Sized Rudy, mystery kid, Darryl, Andy & Ollie, Louise, Zeke, Courtney, Gene, Tina, Jocelyn, two girls who are Jocelyn's and/or Courtney's friends (who no doubt have names, and I'm pretty sure we've seen before).
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I'm thinking it's Peter Pescadero in costume, as he's in this picture.
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Ah, yes. That makes sense. Thanks, drezdn!
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And will you look at that? Show creator Loren Bouchard posted Grubin' on his soundcloud page.
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Best line of the episode: "You probably think this slap is about you".
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No, you look like Carly Simon!
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Also: WHY DOES RUDY NOT HAVE HIS INHALER? Why doesn't Louise have one for him on her at all times, that she could charge him to use?

Also: how much cash has Louise accumulated over the series?
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I was thinking about that too. The episodes where I can remember her making money are Art Crawl, the one with the basement casino, the nude beach, the mother/daughter bonding seminar, and now the musical. It wouldn't surprise me if she'd also scammed Gene and Tina out of pocket money.

I bet Louise has more money lying around than Bob & Linda combined, who mostly seem to be scraping by month to month. Then again, she's a kid and I could easily see her blowing her money on candy (and bug-out bags, after all, this is Louise).
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I think she's said at one point that she steals their allowance... One quick Google has turned up this A.V. Club recap that backs me up there.

Louise has all the bug-out bags. And the candy.
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