She's Gotta Have It: #DaJumpoff (DOCTRINE)
December 2, 2017 11:09 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Brooklyn artist Nola lays down her philosophy on sex and freedom between visits from her three lovers: thoughtful Jamie, playful Mars and cocky Greer.
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I'm surprised that this has been up for 4 days without any comments; we've almost finished the season here (2 episodes to go) and I'm really enjoying it.
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I swear either my fanfare posts are cursed or I have super niche tastes! Only watched this one so far but really enjoyed it.
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I liked it. I was all ready to sneer at it for being Yet Another Reboot, but I fell in love with Nola all over again. It's beautifully to look at, performances are note-perfect and the soundtrack is just gorgeous.

I was pretty young when I first watched the movie (which I love) but I remember being impressed that a male director could present such a complicated woman with so much sympathy, because she's not always easy to like, but then again, neither are her lovers. Lee pulled off the same feat in Do The Right Thing (one of the very best films of the '80s) where he had me rooting for a similarly flawed cast of characters.

I'm withholding critique until I've watched the whole thing, but I think if there's a problem with this, it's that the polemic risks obstructing the human drama. The original felt very fresh and accessible because it was a universal story told from an African American viewpoint. Likewise, DTRT embedded its message in the daily life of Bedford Stuyvesant and its inhabitants. I felt this first episode was unnecessarily proselytising in places, which is maybe inevitable in this day and age, but I wish Nola didn't need to break the fourth wall to tell me that Black Lives Matter, when what she really needs is to be herself, live her messy life, make her mistakes and survive it all like she did the first time around.
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