Dark: Lies (Lügen)
December 2, 2017 3:16 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

When a grim discovery leaves the police baffled, Ulrich seeks a search warrant for the power plant. A mysterious stranger checks into the hotel.


*The hooded man, carrying a small metal suitcase, watches the people searching the woods for Mikkel, then picks a dead bird up from the ground.
*Jonas awakes from a nightmare in which a black liquid seeps from his ear and he sees his father behind him, his face covered in the same substance.
*The coroner tells Charlotte Doppler the results of her autopsy on the unidentified dead boy - he has been dead for 16 hours, has strange burns around his eyes, and his eardrums have been burst, possibly from being taken a great depth or put through a centrifuge. Later, Charlotte briefs the station, pointing out that the child was dressed in all 1980's clothes, and had a 1986 coin on a string around his neck.
*Ulrich searches through the Winden Caverns and finds a locked door which he believes leads to the nuclear plant.
*Peter Doppler sits in his car and cries as he listens to the radio report about the missing boys.
*While Ulrich's mother (Jana Neilsen) leaves him a voicemail, Ulrich's father (Tronte Nielsen) sneaks his sweater (with blood? on the sleeve) into the washing machine.
*Ulrich tells Charlotte about the door in the cavern, says Mikkel disappeared in the same place that Mads did, and that they need to search the power plant.
*At the nuclear plant, boss Aleksander tells Jürgen Obendorf they have to get rid of..something.
*At the hotel, the hooded man checks in. He showers, then examines his wall'o'crazy science-ish documents. He has a book called "A Journey Through Time" and a steampunk-ish device from the suitcase.
*Jonas goes up to the attic art studio his father died, notices a loose board in the ceiling and finds a map drawing of the Winden caves, with "Where is the crossing?" written on it.
*Jana takes some of Mads' old action figures to his grave.
*Back in the mystery 80's room, Erik is put through the device again.
*With the search warrant blocked, Ulrich confronts Aleksander at the power plant gates demanding to be let in, but Aleksander refuses and says that the workers would have found Mikkel if he were in the plant.
*Bartosz finds Erik's phone in the drug stash bag, but fails at entering the unlock code.
*Ulrich returns to the police station to find Hannah waiting. When she tries to kiss him, he says he can't do this now and that he'll call her. Reviewing the photos of the dead John Doe jr. crime scene, he sees that the tire marks are van-sized, and drives out to Jürgen's to look at his tires. In his garage, he finds a trap door beneath a mattress in the garage, pulls up a chain and finds a bag full of drugs attached. Jürgen admits that he and Erik were dealing together, and that Erik was saving up for a scooter.
*Back in the woods, Aleksander supervises his men as they do...something cover-up-ish with a truck. Meanwhile, the hooded man drags Erik's body, now with burned eyes, through the woods.
*Back in town, everyone's lights flicker on and off, and Charlotte exits the police station to find dozens of dead birds on the ground. Back in his hotel room, the hooded man pins a "Where is Mikkel?" article onto the wall-o-crazy, crosses out the "Where" and writes in "When"
*Mikkel walks out of the tunnel and runs through the woods to home, where he sees a strange car and scooter in he driveway, and can't get the door unlocked. A teenager opens the door from inside -- it's 1986 Ulrich, who drives off on his scooter with 1987 Khristina, leaving Mikkel on the doorstep looking at the 1986 newspaper Chernobyl headline.
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Time travel! I did not see that coming.
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Just watched the first two episodes. As mentioned in the previous Fanfare post, I had some difficulty telling people apart—I thought Ulrich the cop was a different character from the guy who was cheating on his principal wife with the widow for a little while.

I wasn’t surprised by the time travel bit, because that’s the sort of story that has a character leaving a note that should be read only after a specific time on a specific date. Now the question is what kind of time travel story will it be—do Ulrich and his wife (forgot her name, sorry) have memories of meeting their future son when they were teens? And my SO already is predicting that the mysterious man in the hotel room is Mikkel himself.

Interesting show so far; I like the way they answer questions quickly, but the answers bring up whole new rounds of questions. Like, we know that the dead child’s eyes are melted because of the chair contraption in the ‘80s room. But that knowledge explains nearly nothing.
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Ulrich’s wife is Katharina (I think I accidentally called her Khristina in some of the posts, but I was too tired to go back and check by the time I finished watching & posting last night, at some point I’ll go back through and ask a mod to fix any especially egregious/confusing errors.)
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my current theory is that the hooded man is Mads but not really based on anything but a hunch
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"...the tire marks are van-sized..."

I ... don't think vans have differently sized tires than SUVs or trucks.
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