Castle: Montreal
October 6, 2014 8:50 PM - Season 7, Episode 2 - Subscribe

As the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle engages in a dangerous investigation of his own.
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Not thrilled with the 'Castle chose to get amnesia-d' reveal, due to how that arc was the beginning of the end of my love for Alias. Also rolling my eyes a bit at secret-childhood-trauma being the reason Castle writes murder mysteries.

But I did love the range of emotions Fillion got to play because of these ridiculous plot-lines. He's so good at the banter & goofy physical comedy - but that goodbye message to Beckett, and his vulnerability in that scene with fake-Jenkins were so moving. The contrast between those scenes and the prop-comedy in the CEO's office, I think that's one of the reasons I'm still watching this show 7 years in.
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I agree it's a little over the top, but I'm really enjoying how they are breaking up the monotonous murder of the week formula.
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I find myself captivated by this amnesia mystery. I mean, I know it's at least partially a trick to keep Castle and Beckett from getting married on the show, but damn if now I don't want to know what the hell is going on almost as much as Rick and Kate.
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Also, I have to hand it to them, the red herring was pretty good. Undercover Boss gets murdered for uncovering a smuggling ring inside his own company isn't where I thought it was going.
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I could have sworn I've seen the drugs smuggled through the toys angle somewhere on TV before, but I can't remember where. Maybe an episode of House or similar where a kid gets sick from Cocaine or similar in a contaminated toy? Does anyone else remember this?
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Why can no one pronounce the name of my city correctly?

(Nathan Fillion got it one time out of two.)
posted by jeather at 6:41 PM on October 7, 2014

Better than last week. I think they've successfully hooked me for the season. Of course, I'll follow Nathan Fillion anywhere. Whatever they are paying him is not enough.
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So uh...I guess you mean "mon-tree-all" is not correct?
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Mun, not mawn.

(In English.)
posted by jeather at 6:08 AM on October 8, 2014

I was so into Castle its first two seasons, and then still pretty invested for the next two, but in recent years it's been something on my DVR that may or may not ever get played. There was something at work early on in the show that was different and fun, but it seemed to get more and more by the numbers as things progressed. So I wasn't expecting much and the season premier didn't give me anything to work with and I was on the border of just giving up. This ep, though, brought me back into the fold, which surprised me.
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On behalf of all (okay, most) of the people who mis-pronounce Montreal, our only defense is we had no idea. You learn something new everyday.
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The wife and I have been long-time Castle fans, but somehow lost track of it beginning last season, and this was the first episode we caught of the new season. We were completely thrown by the "Castle disappeared but now he's back but can't remember where he was or what he did" plotline, and aren't totally on-board with it. It's just a wee bit too "seen it already" for us.

Was completely disappointed by yet another "Identify where in the world this nondescript room is in the world by voodoo computer magic" scene. This is, I think, the third time they've used this trick in the series.

But, yeah, I, too, noticed Fillion actually acting in this episode, which was great to see.
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I'm still trying to figure out how they wiped his memory in a not-quite-well-mostly-not-sci-fi show. Damn.
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