Dark: Truths (Wahrheiten)
December 3, 2017 8:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Hannah takes her obsession with Ulrich too far. The stranger asks Regina to deliver an important package. Martha is torn between Jonas and Bartosz

*We open with a 2019/1986 split screen montage - Charlotte and Tiedemann Sr. study their missing children cases; 1986 Ines checks on Mikkel while 2019 Ines looks at keepsakes; 2019 Hannah calls Ulrich for the 22nd time and 1986 Hannah makes an Ulrich scrapbook; and in 2019 Martha ignores a call from Bartosz to call Jonas but he doesn't pick up either.

*2019: Charlotte tells Elisabeth that Yasin is missing, and asks her to describe Noah, who Elisabeth says is a tall man with blue eyes and a hat. Then Charlotte confronts Peter about knowing he was driving when he claimed to have been working during the disappearance. She asks him to tell her that he wasn't involved, but he just gives her a non-denial "You're nuts" denial.
*2019: The hooded man looks at his wall-o-crazy in the hotel, tears a day off the day-calendar, and leaves with his suitcase-device. Bartosz leaves another message for Martha, then gets a call on Erik's phone (which has one attempt left on guessing the password) from Unknown - it is Noah calling for Bartosz.
*2019: Hannah shows up at the Nielsen's with a grief casserole and gets herself invited in by Khaterina, then asks Ulrich for a ride home. At the hotel, the hooded man asks Regina to deliver a box to Jonas that night, says he'll be back in a few days.
*2019: Bartosz and Jonas share a bong and play video games. Bartosz tells him that he's meeting Erik's dealer, Noah, tonight, and wants Jonas to come along.
*1986: A priest, Noah, visits Mikkel in the hospital, but Mikkel says he is an atheist, like his father.
*2019: In the car outside Hannah's house, Ulrich tells her to stop calling him and that it's over. She doesn't take it well.
*1986: In the school hallway, Ulrich leaves Hannah behind to go talk to and hold hands with Khristina, then in the schoolyard Ulrich and Khristina make plans to have sex for the first time - she tells him to get the condoms because she never wants to have children. In the hospital, a social worker comes to talk to Mikkel, and tells Ines she will be taking him to a group home until they can find his parents or a foster home placement. Ines once had a son but he died shortly after birth.
*2019: Charlotte and Ulrich talk about the investigation; Ulrich thought that Tiedemann did everything wrong 33 years ago investigating Mads' disappearance and tried to make himself into Tiedemann's opposite but feels he's a failure now too. Charlotte talks about the idea that the solar system is on a 33-year cycle.
*2019: Jonas sits on a bench by his father's grave, and is joined by the hooded man.
Hoody: You look like him. Your father.
Jonas: Do we know each other?
Hoody: No. But I knew your father. It was a long time ago, but I remember him well. He saved my life back then. But I only understood that much later. Life is a labyrinth. Some people wander around their whole lives looking for a way out, but there’s only one path and it leads you ever deeper. You don’t understand it until you’ve reached the center. Death is incomprehensible, but you can make peace with it. Till then you should ask yourself each day if you’ve made the right decisions.

*1986: Hannah rides along with her father in his dry-cleaning truck making deliveries/pickups. She joins Mikkel on a bench outside the hospital, where he is opening Ines' present (the book, I Am Not Afraid). She asks Mikkel if he thinks she's pretty, then says she wishes she could do magic. He says there's no such thing as magic, only illusions, and does a trick with a bottle cap for her, then tells her he's from the future. The next stop on the dry-cleaning run is the school, and Hannah sees Ulrich and Khristina having sex inside.

*2019: Martha is performing a monologue onstage at school, as Jonah watches, while the hooded man returns to the caverns. Bartosz calls Jonas but Jonas doesn't pick up, so he goes off to meet the dealer alone. Backstage, Jonas tells Martha the truth about not having gone to France, that he was in the "nut-house" for two months dealing with the trauma of his father's suicide. They kiss. Bartosz gets in a car with Noah, still a priest.

*2019: Ulrich joins Khristina in Mikkel's bed. She asks if he is cheating on her, and he says he'd never do that.
*1986: Hannah tells her father, and then Tiedemann, that she saw Ulrich rape Khristina, and Tiedemann arrests Ulrich.

2019: Bartosz gets out of Noah's car and watches him drive away. The hooded man leaves the caverns with the suitcase. Jonas opens the box the hooded man had Regina deliver -- it contains a touch-activated light with a handle, a geiger counter (maybe?), and a "Do not open before November 4, 2019, 10:13pm" note for Jonas from Michael - telling him that he was Mikkel who traveled back to 1986 and grew up to become 2019 Michael.
2019: The hooded man enters a clock shop, and tells the man in the glasses "I'd like to talk to you about time."
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Oof, harsh, young Hannah, very harsh. I can't see this triangle ending well.

And Mikkel/Michael is confirmed. So curious to find out who the hooded man is/was/will be. Another traveler?
posted by oh yeah! at 8:30 AM on December 3, 2017

Oops - can a mod fix the episode title? It should have been "Truths (Wahrheiten)" not just "Truths".
posted by oh yeah! at 8:31 AM on December 3, 2017

Mod note: Fixed!
posted by cortex (staff) at 8:33 AM on December 3, 2017

Ugh to the fatal attraction plot twist, and ugh to false rape accusations in fiction generally. That was my first thought, but then we do quickly see Khristina with a black eye and blood on her face in the montage near the end. Did I catch that right? So Ulrich did beat her up, and Hannah is telling the truth?
posted by mediareport at 10:53 AM on December 5, 2017 [2 favorites]

No, while there’s no explanation for Katharina’s black eye in this episode, I think it’s pretty clear from what we saw of the sex scene, and from the earlier scene when Katharina told Ulrich to get condoms, that we’re meant to understand that Hannah is being dishonest.
posted by oh yeah! at 12:11 PM on December 5, 2017 [1 favorite]

Anyone recognize the passage Martha was reciting on stage? I'm guessing it's Goethe, what with all the other allusions to him, but my search fu is failing me.
posted by whir at 12:54 PM on December 5, 2017

ok i was wrong, my second guess was right though, that Mikkel would become Michael.
posted by numaner at 11:02 AM on January 8, 2018

I am really enjoying this show. It has good atmosphere, great sound design, and the story seems to have a lot to it. It hasn't gone where I expected it to (expected after watching the first episode), but I think that's a good thing.
posted by mountmccabe at 4:56 PM on February 1, 2018 [1 favorite]

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