Riverdale: Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil
December 9, 2017 1:57 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

When Jughead learns that F.P. is getting released from prison, he and Betty organize a welcome home party; Archie and Veronica push their relationship issues aside to focus on the Black Hood investigation.

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Chapter 21: House of the Devil -- F.P. gets out of jail and Betty takes a walk on the wild side in an uneven outing of Riverdale. (Chris Cummins for Den of Geek)
As it has been well established by this point, this is a show where the improbable has become ordinary, and the sensible rarely exists at all. Like it's spiritual precursor Twin Peaks, Riverdale will do whatever the hell it wants, and viewers can either hop aboard like Betty on the back of uneasy rider Jughead's motorcycle or tune out entirely. Obviously, we here at Den of Geek are all in, but that doesn't mean to say that the journey is always going to be a comfortable one. Which brings us to tonight's installment, perhaps the most uneven episode to date.

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8: Archie and Veronica Are in Trouble -- In "House of the Devil," everything falls apart. (Amy Mackelden for Harpers Bazaar)
While the identity of Riverdale's Black Hood is still unknown, the entire gang continues its quest for answers in this week's episode. Its title, "House of the Devil," might make it seem like this week is all about the town's murderers, but it's actually about something way more devastating: breakups. Prepare yourself for misery, as every relationship on the show seems to fall apart in this week's episode.

Did Riverdale Really Just Break Up Betty and Jughead—and Archie and Veronica? -- With only one week left until its midseason finale, the CW drama just aired the season’s most bonkers installment yet. (Laura Bradley for Vanity Fair)
Did any of that really just happen?

Riverdale set the bar pretty high for kooky drama in its first season, but this week’s installment was definitely Season 2’s most bonkers yet. To recap, we just saw: a sex montage starring Archie and Veronica (more on that later); Cheryl trying to give Josie a back massage in the girls’ locker room, only to be interrupted by the janitor, who turns out to be the sole survivor of the murder case mentioned last week; F.P. Jones getting out of prison; Archie and Veronica singing a cover of “Mad World”; and Betty stripping down to a bustier and panties and pole dancing in front of a room filled with ogling adult men, including her boyfriend’s father. And, then, the kicker: Archie and Veronica broke up because Veronica couldn’t say “I love you,” and Jughead broke up with Betty because he’s afraid that he can’t protect her from the trouble that will always follow him as a Serpent—especially as she pushes to become a part of that world.
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Pours out 40 for Bughead.
posted by leotrotsky at 8:22 PM on December 9, 2017 [2 favorites]

WTF strip show, janitor, etc.
posted by jenfullmoon at 6:02 PM on December 10, 2017 [1 favorite]

Teen drama, but amped up to 11. You know, for the sheer CW TV spectacle of it all.

That said, Riverdale has made enough of an impact that Marvel Comics did their own Riverdale-esque Archie spoof recently.
posted by filthy light thief at 9:44 PM on December 10, 2017

If you miss True Blood in all its campyness, Riverdale scratches that itch pretty well.
posted by thenormshow at 12:32 PM on December 11, 2017

That strip show...what the hell. And I say this as someone who's stripped professionally. Is that even legal? Isn't Betty too young? What even was the point of that!?

(Reminds me of this Nancy Drew game where one of the minigames to earn money was to dress up in a "catsuit" - literally a cat costume - and dance for tips. Completely unnecessary to the plot. Just. What.)
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This was probably one of the worse episodes of the season. The second they mentioned the "Serpent Dance," it seemed inevitable that Betty would be taking her clothes off. It would have been nice if she had upended the tradition in how to join the gang. Also, are they planning on having Betty's mom and Jughead's dad hook up? I'm additionally confused by her on and off again embracement of her former "bad girl" life. Per character development purposes, it seems like it's done almost for jokes - while so far, offering nothing to contribute to the overall storyline of the season.

Right now, I'm pretty much Team Jughead, as in I just want him to be able to go to Pop's, eat burgers, and write his blog.
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I reject this episode. Betty's ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.
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Let me just say, that is the most effed up song for a strip tease.
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Yeah, also if they are regularly having underage stripteases at the White Wyrm I’m kind of more down with the “the Serpents are an Actual Problem and not a kindly fun gang” attitude.
posted by corb at 8:49 AM on December 11, 2018

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