The Crown: Matrimonium
December 17, 2017 6:10 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A letter from Peter Townsend spurs Margaret to make a bold proposal. Elizabeth has good news that causes complications for Margaret.
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Was Jackie Chan (sic?) a real person? At first I thought she might be Yoko Ono, who was knocking about the London art scene in the '60s, but then I realized Yoko would have had something to say about herself if she was in this show.

Princess Margaret is like the Lindsey Lohan of her time: natural gifts, a genuine bad hand from a child-star upbringing, but every time you think you can root for her to turn it around she's fucking up aggressively again. This article is titled "13 Real-Life Princess Margaret Stories That'll Make You Love Her More," but they ... don't. Only one story is actually a good line of hers. The rest are just her being awful to people, including hostesses. Gore Vidal said she was intelligent, but Vidal was also one of the famously horrible socialites of the day.
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Hey congrats on the babyCAN I FUCKING GET MARRIED YET???
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Also, Duckface!!
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Jacqui Chan was an artist and a dancer and by all accounts the only real love of Antony Armstrong-Jones' colorful life.

THAT WAS DUCKFACE? Oh Jesus. I can forgive myself for utterly not recognizing Yara Greyjoy but omg to miss Duckface, I'm a disgrace to pop culture.
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One thing that does really amuse me about this show is everyone just smoking like stacks 24/7. Not just Margaret. Like, I can smell the stale nicotine wafting off the screen.
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This is one of those episodes that just really makes me hate everyone
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Although the Queen Mum in a conga line was pretty neat.
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margaret is spoiled and bratty, sure, but my god tony is so fucking repulsive, i loathe him with an alarming intensity.
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It is fascinating that after spending all that time in the world of the royals, where everything and everyone is polished and shiny, how uncomfortably grim and filthy the real world seems in the show.
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Did I misunderstand, or were some of Tony's friends, at the party, mocking the wait staff? Right in front of them? Like they weren't even people?
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Oh yes, the smoking. It's almost as bad as watching Mad Men, after each episode I felt like I'd spent the whole time puffing away myself.
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Some of the music choices in this episode stuck out at me.

First, early on, the sex scene between Tony and Jacqui the dancer was set to Gorecki's third symphony. Which initially bugged me because it wasn't written until 1976, but ok, doesn't have to be period music. Except also, it's a piece inspired by the Holocaust, so beautiful and haunting as it is, using it as background for a love scene seems questionable.

Later, as Margaret is leaving for the wedding there's another piece that sounded familiar so I Shazam'd it, and yup, it's the Dies Irae from Zbigniew Preisner's "Requiem For My Friend," which I knew of from another part of it featuring in Terence Malick's "Tree of Life." So they're using funeral music for Margaret's wedding. And it's raining. And the close up of the horse drawn carriage wheels included a pile of horse dung. I mean, they are piling on the ominous symbols for this marriage. I don't know what happens to them, but from the looks of this it's not good at all. (Which is too bad, cuz I kind of want to like the guy.)
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I'd heard that this season we are all supposed to hate Philip. I have been waiting for the shoe to drop on that; to this point I'd say he comes across much better than he did in Season 1. There are only three episodes left - either something big must be happening soon, or it seems I've completely missed the boat on this.
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This is quite a contrast to the last episode which had such a heavy emphasis on Christianity and morality.
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Of course this happened to be the episode when we finally invited our 14 year old daughter to watch with us. She loves her some history, and was shocked and horrified at the slow-groove nipple porn this ep ended up being. Hard to know how we liked it, since we spent most of it cringing.
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Oh jetsetsc! And after the previous episode was so so tame!
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No matter what, Elizabeth is stuck having to be all "um...maybe not get married yet... um....." And when she found out that Tony has FOUR GIRLFRIENDS and a boyfriend all at one go, DAMN. How'd you like to be the poor sumbitch to tell the Queen about polyamory? No way in hell could she be the one to drop that bomb and obviously Margaret was hell bent anyway.

Both of them were so into Revenge Marriage, for her to get revenge on Peter (sigh) and him to try to get his mother to actually care about him. Good god.
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