Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Life Earned
December 19, 2017 7:20 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Daisy makes a new friend named Ben in Fight Club. Ben helps Jemma and Daisy "Quiz Show" Kasius. Deke discovers a connection to a voice in a radio broadcast. He, Phil and Melinda go to a secret level and find a little breeding room. Mack mourns the loss of false Hope, and Sinara plays ball with Melinda. The episode ends with the appearance of a very special guest!
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About frickin' time, lemme say. Seems like it's coming together nicely, and I'm sort of hoping that May deserves to be written out on camera, so you figure that's probably not the last we've seen of her.
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Wait, May is being written out ? NOOOOOOO!!!!
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Oh, god no, I doubt it, but that was sort of the implication of the end of the fight with Julie Mao Sinara, wasn't it. On the other hand, Ming-Na is 54, I can't imagine she wants to keep up the rough and tumble action hero career forever.
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She's 54 huh? I guess that's only about 20 years older than I would have guessed.
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Ming-Na Wen injured her knee during a fight scene last season and had pretty major surgery. I suspect that's why May got a leg injury in the season premiere. I imagine it's made work more difficult for her, but I haven't read anything about her wanting to move on.

I didn't realize Sinara was played by the actor who played Julie Mao.

If this show were on a decade earlier I feel like Kasius would be played by Jeffrey Combs.
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Surely you mean Jeffrey Combs, right?

And yeah, that'd make sense why the Cavalry is a bit sidelined this year so far. I dunno, the team dynamics have been strange, but I can't put my finger on just what's not there. Shield HQ isn't a character. A bad job of making us care about the people in the scenario they're in and that they're trying to ... I dunno, either save or at least not steamroller on their way back to the present?

Any bets on whether ZombieWard shows up somehow?
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Surely you mean Jeffrey Combs, right?

Um... same guy. I picked the character I did because he was blue.
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Yeah but.. _Weyoun_. Nobody ever got as far as meeting Shran. The theme song ensured that.
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Um... same guy.

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Yeah, hopefully MingNa's just recovering. That's got to be hard on that job with a knee injury and still getting into fights.

Go Fitz!
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Normally, I'm not the type of person to get hot and bothered by poor gender representation. This is especially true when I'm watching sci-fi or comic-based stuff.

In all the time I've watched SHIELD, I've had a lot of complaints about it, but I can't say I've every really felt annoyed by the way it presents women. Boy has that changed this season. Kree woman with spheres (whose name I couldn't recall if you forced me) just ticks me off to no end. It's bad enough that she's essentially non-verbal, but why does she have to be depicted as she is?

All of the other Kree (except for Kasius) are big, brutish, burly guys. Are there no female Kree who are equivalent in type? And fine, if Woman with Spheres is supposed to be of the more refined Kree types (like Kasius) why the need for the skin tight dress and the sexpot walk? Every little thing about the character rubs me the wrong way, from the come hither look (probably not the right description for it, but the way she tilts her head down to look up and sideways through her eyelashes) to the magical spheres.

I just find it really disappointing for there to be a character like that on this show.
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I find Sinara (the female Kree) a lot less offensive than Aida. Like...I wanted to cringe at the whole "guy creates gorgeous sexpot robot" thing they had going on last year. But yeah....all women on these shows are like....perfect female specimens and it bugs. And Sinara not only walks like she's on a runway, she is also "jealous" of Jemma because...she is a woman so of course she must be jealous of another woman. The men can look like Clark or Kasius or Griff or whoever that character Patton Oswalt plays is but the women have to be hot. Kind of like the whole DC and Marvel universes, as far as I can tell.
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I can't get enough of a kick out of the fact that their super-future communications devices are TASCAM DR-5 portable recorders. Zero modifications or dressings. I have one sitting here on my desk at work.
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