Elf (2003)
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After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.

Starring Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart, Edward Asner, Mary Steenburgen and Zooey Deschanel

4 stars and 7 plus from Common Sense Media, 84/78 on rotten tomatoes

21 Things You Might Not Know About Elf

The biggest testament to Elf‘s greatness is how quickly it became a permanent member of the Christmas movie pantheon. Directed by Jon Favreau, the movie only came out in 2003, but it’s already entrenched as a definitive part of our yearly holiday viewing tradition. So how did it manage to do that in such a short time? It has an amazing cast, two of the best settings for any Christmas movie possible–the North Pole and New York City–and an original, expertly written script. It’s a pure delight from start to finish with one of the best Christmas characters ever at the heart of it all.
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This is hands down the #1 must-see Christmas movie for me. Instant classic. Just...pretty much perfect.
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This and Stranger than Fiction are pretty much the only two movies where I can tolerate Will Ferrell.
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Stranger Than Fiction was awesome.

I don't know what it is about Elf that hits all the right notes. Just a great combination of everything :)
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So glad Ferrell passed on Elf 2. This one is too perfect!
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I'm watching it tonight with my kids. It's replaced Love Actually which has not aged well (except for Emma Thompson) as my perfect holiday film.
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Will Ferrell just plays the role with such conviction. That's what makes it for me. Plus, Amy Sedaris!
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I really like this movie. So much so that I still like it despite the fact that it was playing on a constant loop in the breakroom during the Christmas season when I worked at a toy store.
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Favorite line, perfectly delivered:

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Bob Newhart steals this entire movie.
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i'll just drop in to note that while the film may be unaware of its profundity as a movie about adoption, it is one of the best movies about being adopted ever made.
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I often spend Will Farrell movies feeling like each scene has allllllmost set up something really funny, yet doesn't deliver, but there are some classic lines in this one.
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Smiling is my favorite thing.

Make work your favorite thing.
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Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?

Oh, I don't know Connie, I've never declawed kittens before.
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I'm not the only one who has noticed that James Caan and Daniel Tay are supposed to be Jewish in this film, am I?

I wrote a whole essay on it.
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The Ralphie from Christmas Story cameo is my favorite easter egg in Elf.
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