Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: 92. Wisdom From The Bushman
January 5, 2018 3:37 AM - Subscribe

Unsure of her future, a young German woman finds herself in Australia picking cherries with a group of ex-cons & social outcasts. She passes the phone to a fellow picker and mentor of sorts who opens up about finding solace in the wilderness. He shares some practical tips, like how to hunt and cook wild pig. Hint: Don't use a fishing spear.

Soundcloud link; no comments in the Reddit thread (yet), which is likely due to the fact that pretty much all Beautiful/Anonymous commentary is walled off in the podcast's non-public Facebook group. The reason it's a "closed" group is probably to do with their rule #2 "No trying to figure out callers' identities. Any threads that try to investigate or reveal the identities of callers to the show will be removed and their authors will be as well. It goes against the spirit of the whole thing!" - unfortunately another instance of content/discussion no longer freely findable via search engines.

NB: at the beginning of the following episode (93. Successful Stalker), Chris reads a message the German caller wrote him shortly before this aired (and too late for him to change anything in it), in which she notes: "[...] I wouldn't have called in if I had known what I know now [...] I feel like I need to let you know that I started noticing weird mood swings with the Bushman. I'm pretty sure he has some mental health problems that he tries to run away from. I also had to learn what he went to jail for, and some of the times were apparently for getting into pretty violent fights. So basically you were right about being in a strange and potentially dangerous situation all along. I've known him for two months, but only in the past week I started noticing weird things about him and hearing all these crazy things that I wouldn't have suspected at all. I also had to hear stories from his friends that include sexual harrassment towards his mate's girlfriend - it was pretty shocking. [...] Btw, he decided to leave today, packed his stuff he's gone now. [...]"
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