The End Of The F***ing World: Season 1 (all episodes)
January 6, 2018 9:29 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Two disaffected teens get in a lot of trouble. An eight-episode adaptation of Charles Forsman's graphic novel. On Netflix.
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I enjoyed this much more than I expected to (which isn't to say I thought I was going to dislike it). I like how the tone meandered without feeling jarring (except for one scene where it was absolutely meant to be jarring) and I liked how much empathy it showed for James and Alyssa, even though they weren't the most likable. As bleak as it was, it was also genuinely (if darkly) funny in places and had thoughtful things to say about the lingering effects of trauma. I was sad when it was over. I don't know if I can necessarily handle it again (parts were ... a lot ...) but I enjoyed watching it.

(It works better if you think of it as a movie rather than 8 discrete episodes. I don't know how I would've felt about it if I hadn't watched it all at once.)

I know Charles Forsman and I was an Oily Comics subscriber for a bit (I probably still have some of the original TEOFTW minis somewhere) and he's making really interesting and challenging comics. I'm really happy for him. (It's not that I think everyone's comic needs to made into a TV show or movie -- not at all -- just that I like when good things happen to people I know who deserve it.)
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Oh I was just thinking of posting this! One of my roommates turned it on last night completely at random and we all watched thru the whole thing. I didn’t know anything about it going in and was drawn in the whole time.

Want to watch it again for more reflective thoughts, but: great soundtrack, some obvious plot turns but the characters mostly responded in really smart ways, perfect length, weird tone shifts that somehow worked perfectly.
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Alyssa (the character) is probably the realist teenager I've seen in a series. She's horrible and so terribly self centered. I sort of loved this show, for all it's faults. The episodes snap along pretty quick.
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The white female cop, who is she? Looks so familiar.
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Got it, she played Theon's sister in Game of Thrones, name of Gemma Whelan.

Watching episode seven now, the series has been really good and pitch perfect in its oddness and dark humor.
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OMG, that was *Yarra*? How did I miss that! Wait, also the mousy editor's assistant on The Crown! I need to keep an eye out for this actor - she's a chameleon.
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This was an unexpected joy and delight. From the soundtrack, to acting, to direction, to the plot, to the various secondary characters, everything was just so wonderfully good here. Hell, even the conciseness of each episode and the entire season in general felt great.

Not sure if I want a second season or not. This first one ended so well, it's feels like a good spot to end things.
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I think I would have liked this more as a 2 hour Heathers for Generation WTAF, but it was entertaining enough.
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I've seen one trailer for this, and between that and this discussion, I'm in.
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Finally caught up with this... watched it an ep a night for the first few then watched the last hour in one go.

Thought it was really really good (an improvement on the comic tbh - though it's a while since I read it). The characters seemed a lot more rounded, helped by the brilliant acting (especially Jessica Barden playing Alyssa).

Also loved the direction and the choice of locations - the art deco-ish 60/70s houses and the non-branded shops made it feel like a England that non-longer exists or never did.
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Oh and likewise with the soundtrack
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This felt like a love letter to a certain kind of cinema, the kind where the two young lovers turn into outlaws and drift across a sprawling American landscape filled with wheat fields and trailer parks and gas stations. I think had it actually been shot in the States with American actors, it would not have turned out half as interesting.
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As bleak as it was, it was also genuinely (if darkly) funny in places

Frodo guzzling 2l of milk, you know he's been told not to drink from the bottle so many times, but fuck the system!!! FREEDOM OF MILK!!!

I think Frodo's going to be alright.
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I've been thinking about this a lot since watching the whole thing in one go (definitely the best way to do it, I agree), I thought the tonal shift was really well done, and I think what I liked most was the refusal to waste any time on worrying about morality or judgement with regards to James and Alyssa.

Other people do bad things to them but we're so firmly situated in their weird little heads that there's never like...uh oh Dangerous Teens, they're just interesting characters allowed to exist as they are and allowed to love each other as they are regardless of the actions they take. Something about that is so refreshing and kind of rare. I'm getting really tired of fiction about teenagers where you get a sense that the narrative is hand-wringing over much, much more mild things than anything they think or do. The ending was perfect and definitive to me, I'd be disappointed if they do a second series.
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