Sons of Anarchy: Some Strange Eruption
October 8, 2014 2:58 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The aftermath of Diosa plays out. Juice and Gemma go for a ride.
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Ok, new goal for the season ending is Wendy and Nero running away together with all the kids.
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Including Juice.
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Yes his presence is implied in "with all the kids" because wow he is just about as totally helpless and sad on his own as Abel would be. Actually I think Abel would do better.
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This show is making me have all kinds of confusing feelings. The out of control violence is so distasteful that I almost can't take it anymore, yet I can't even think of a fate that is horrible enough to give Gemma what she deserves. I wanted Juice to kill her in that last scene, but then I didn't, only because it would be too easy of an out.
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The horrible fate that Gemma deserves is to be alone, I think. Alone and with everyone - Jax, the MC, Unser, Wendy, Nero, the grandkids when they are old enough to understand it, Lyla and all the girls - absolutely everyone she has ever known and loved being fully aware of what she did, not just to Tara but all of it, everything, and how she lied to get out of it and all the endless and irreparable damage she has caused, has always caused, and will continue to cause until she gets caught. Alone and despised would be much worse to her than death, I think.

also i totally had A Moment when chucky was like "you guys are my family" all quiet and sincere.
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Also the new sheriff lady is so awesome that I am preemptively angry about her certainly impending death.
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I can't see Gemma ever admitting what she did at this point, which makes me think Juice is going to somehow be involved in spilling the beans. But why will they believe him? I can't wait to see how it all plays out.
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Hm. He's the one who dumped the murder weapon plus all the clothing Gemma was wearing at the time, right? It would strain the bounds of credulity to think that all the evidence would remain there untouched until he would need it to back up his story but at this point, who even knows.
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But really him confessing to seeing Gemma kill Tara (or seeing the aftermath of it I guess) is also him confessing to having shot Eli to cover it up, so I guess that could also be another mark in the "maybe he's telling the truth" column for Jax.
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Hm, maybe Gemma will tell Unser. I thought for a half-second she was going to tell him in this episode - when Unser asked her what Juice meant by "this is our fault," her little hesitation followed by a basically irrelevant explanation could make him think twice if more evidence shows up. It would set up an interesting scenario in which Unser finally has to really pick a side and decide whether it's more important for him to do what's right or to protect the woman he (for some reason) has always loved.
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I think Unser will definitely be a part of it coming out and you're right. Seeing him forced into picking a side would be interesting.
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Kinetic 3 (16 yo male) and I watched this season in one afternoon and his thoughts:

* Jax is crazy violent and this is going to be his undoing.
* Unser keeps getting the wrong end of the stick and feeding misinformation to people and that's going to bite him in the ass. This will somehow parlay into Juice getting whacked by Jax.
* All the gangs killing each other...I can't even tell what's going on any more and it's getting too confusing.
* Gemma is going to kill Jax.

* The series ends with Gemma in charge. Period. No other possible options. Gemma comes out on top.
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Kenetic, my husband thought Kenetic 3 had a good idea about Gemma. He said that ending would be along the lines of The Shield and justice for Gemma in a way - family is what's always been most important to her. If everyone else gets killed and the kids get taken away and she's the only one left, completely alone.
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