Patriot: McMillan Man
January 16, 2018 12:40 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Agathe Albans, the driven homicide detective, arrives in Milwaukee for an interview with Dennis. John desperately works to stay with the travel team in a last minute effort.
posted by Catblack (1 comment total)
I really love the economy of the intro to this episode. I mean in terms of storytelling economy and production budget economy. In about 3 minutes you get the backstory of a character and all their motivations going forward. It's really brilliant. Before I saw this I was just thinking of Kurtwood Smith as that guy from Robocop, but now all I can think of him as is Leslie Claret.
posted by Catblack at 6:24 PM on January 17, 2018 [3 favorites]

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