The X-Files: Plus One
January 18, 2018 7:14 AM - Season 11, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A spate of deaths in which victims are plagued by their own doppelgangers leads Mulder and Scully to a pair of twins playing a dangerous game. Mulder, to Scully: "you and I are gonna jump on I-95 South this morning and get back to our bread and butter." [Yes, it's a Monster of the Week episode!]

And yes, this episode did open to a punk rock rendition of a David Duchovny song ("covered by LA local punk band").
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This felt like classic X-Files. The pacing felt so effortless and the writing was fun and light-hearted, even though a bunch of people had to die along the way. It really makes you wonder why last season was so rocky.
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A pretty good effort. My only complaint is that it felt like Mulder and Scully were going through the motions of investigating the case, rather than really investigating. Contrast it with their behavior in an episode like "Syzygy", where the agents' actions have a similarly minimal impact on the story, but they at least appear to be interested in finding an explanation for the phenomena. Here it felt like they both approached the case with a shrug of, "well, evil twins gonna evil twin, I guess."
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It really makes you wonder why last season was so rocky.

Because Chris Carter wanted X-Files to be current, edgy and meaningful? It felt like he wanted to latch onto current conspiracies and politics, which felt forced and dumb.

Here it felt like they both approached the case with a shrug of, "well, evil twins gonna evil twin, I guess."

My own justification is that they're trying to get back to Monster of the Week mode, after being away from their "bread and butter" for so long, and then Scully got wrapped up in the questions of "what about me" -- reading deeper (than the story goes?), the twins' connection makes Scully think about her own connection to others, or lack of connection.

In the end, this was the first episode I enjoyed as a return to "X-Files Classic," complete with quirky characters. And while I thought that Chucky was played by a woman, I didn't realize Karin Konoval was both Judy and Chucky. Well done, Ms. Konoval!
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I liked this one. It felt like the X-Files.
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That is the darkest damned hospital I have ever seen.
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I dug this episode. As others said, it felt like classic X-Files, but with the extra dollop of introspection that should be part of any show’s last season. What will Mulder and Scully do when they don’t have the X-Files anymore? What will they have to show for decades of putting work before relationships and family? Is Scully... old?? (Ha, no way.) Which made it satisfying how over the course of the episode Scully and Mulder’s relationship warmed from “exes acting professional” to “let’s try this again, why not?” Who knows, maybe they’ll have another miracle baby, one that the Smoking Man can’t take credit for.
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n-thing X-Filesclassic feel.

The Mulder/Scully awkward flirty thing was super oldschool, but... awkward for different reasons.

I thought the casting was (good)interesting re: Little Judy (Karin Konoval, age 56) flirting with Mulder (Duchovney, age 57).

That is the darkest damned hospital I have ever seen.

The oldest bits of the DNA of this show is manifesting as a phenotype, if perhaps altered by later additions to a genome. Lots of "primitive" code is suppressed by evolutionarily later addition. Sometimes mutations can break or modify the later suppression, some form of the "old" code is expressed in an individual again.

Bit of "filming in gloomy rainy grey and underlit Vancouver" expressing itself here? Or de novo mutation (psychiatic-facility-ism, that psych wards are scary and underfunded... oh, er wait)?
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I was floored that Karin Konoval played Judy and Chuck. She was the real star of the show. At first I was distracted by her previous role as Mrs. Peacock (in Home) but then I really got into her performance. I only realized the same actress played Chuck because I checked imdb for the episode.

I felt the classic X-File vibe minus the actual investigative technique.

In the last episode Scully referred to Mulder's place as "our home" but in this episode they were hesitant about sharing a room. This feels inconsistent without some sort of nod to FBI regulation or something. I might not have been paying enough attention but Mulder went to Chuck's place before Dean reported seeing his doppelganger. It felt like an editing error or I wasn't paying enough attention.
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The lawyer literally had a sword collection! And holy cow did they really put in a "sword unsheathing" noise at the end, pretty corny guys. And...are they just going to alter the tag line in every episode this season?

Strongly agree that Karin Konoval did an amazing job, I had no idea she was playing both of them.

This episode was creepy! In a fun, old-school, banter-y way. I'd happily take seven more like this, and watch them with the lights on :) Next week's looks acceptable as well.
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The final 10 minutes of the episode were fantastic. And the xfilesiest of any of the new episodes.
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*snickers* Agent Muldoon...
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Now that was something more like it.

At this point Mulder and Scully have such a deep bond that they'll never not be a big a part of each other's lives.

What's the matter with Gillian Anderson's voice? It sounds really damaged.
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oooh, did we laugh. thumbs up! You guys really didn't catch the dual role? Well, we're even, we didn't catch that she was once Mrs. Peacock. This was the first episode Imbegan to let myself trust the season and root for it again after last season and the first episode this year.(which, seriously, what the fuck. great way to drive away the audience, Chris!)
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This one was very much in step with the kind of B+ episodes we saw in the original run, and it featured Mulder and Scully sexytime, which was awesome. That moment at the end when Scully decides she'd like a little more Mulder dick after all and opens the door to find Mulder standing there waiting and smirking was so cute.

Did Scully and Mulder never discuss having another child in all those years of living together? If she wanted a second child, this seems like a belated hour to mention it to Mulder. We've also never seen Scully do any reassurance seeking from Mulder... she's pretty confident, and I don't think he's ever given her cause to doubt his love for and attraction to her.

"I will push your wheelchair. With my wheelchair."

Karin Konoval was awesome, and I bet she enjoyed herself.
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