Friends at the Table?
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I'm a big fan of Friends at the Table and would love to see it become a FanFare series, but I honestly don't know how to handle the previous seasons of the show. Thoughts?

I think having single posts covering each of the already-released arcs (Autumn in Hieron, Counter/Weight, Marielda, Winter in Hieron) makes some sense, but there's so much to each that they feel like they'd deserve individual posts for each individual episode, especially for new listeners.

Either way I don't think I'm experienced enough with organizing shows on Fanfare, so it'd have to be up to whoever else wants to take the initiative to make the decision and the posts
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I would be down for this, insofar as I've listened to a bit of Counter/Weight and Twilight Mirage and I need further motivation to listen to the rest. Being able to discuss it here would greatly improve my chances of doing so.
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I'm not a listener but I'd be interested in reading these posts!
Some general FanFare advice: You don't have to tackle previous seasons in order to get a discussion on a show going. You can start small and do current episodes to start, see how it goes, and fill in the older episodes later. Making posts for episodes of podcasts is really easy, and you don't need any experience or commitment.
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