Derry Girls: Full season
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Derry Girls is a Channel 4 comedy following secondary school students at an (almost) all-girls Catholic school in the Northen Irish town of Derry. The finale of the six-episode first season aired this week. Trailer.
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As someone who, in 1994 when the show is set, was herself attending Catholic secondary in Ireland this show has it down pat. I have the mrs driven mad. The details are spot on, my favorite being perhaps that the fella yer wan fancies, yer man with the band, appears to be smoking one of those stupid bloody beedi-cigarettes I was also smoking in 94.

Just watched the finale, and was surprised to find myself tearing up at the gutpunch of the last scene and bawling when the grandpa laid a hand on Jerry’s shoulder. The gravity of the incident among the day to day background noise of violence presented as comedy.
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This was a brilliant series. Wonderful characters, very funny, without ever forgetting the backdrop of The Troubles.
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Is this available in the US somehow? It sounds right up my alley.
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I was sure this would be awful, with lazy stereotypes and crap acting, but as iteki says, they get it absolutely spot on.

Fantastic television with only about few cringey moments. And what a perfect final episode. Can't wait for season 2.
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Is this available in the US somehow?
The episodes are on YouTube for now. I don't think that's anything official, so who knows how long they'll stay there.
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I loved this show so much.

Those final minutes! Orla's smile when she sees the others coming to join her! That enigmatic expression on Sister Michael's face! Joe setting his hand on Gerry's shoulder!
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I love how this show makes absolutely no attempt to render 1990s era teenage Derry accents any more universally intelligible than they would be in the wild. Audiences - particularly those in the US - might have to tune their ears a bit - but it well worth it. Has become an Instant Cult Hit with a second series now commissioned.
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