Bugsy Malone (1976)
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A classic gangster story of big-city gangsters, Bugsy Malone is told with an all-child cast, starring teen sensation Scott Baio and 14-year-old Jodie Foster as the va-voom vamp Tallulah. Directed by Alan Parker with songs by Paul Williams.
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I freaking love this movie. Alan Parker has made a diverse range of films!

I really wanted one of those pedal-powered Model Ts.

Years ago I went to watch the VHS copy I had taped off cable TV only to discover a roommate had taped Tonya Harding skating at the Olympics over it.

I momentarily wondered why this hasn't been turned into a big Broadway musical, but then I thought it through.
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It's a stage musical too- done a lot by schools and in community theatre.

Here's Karen Carpenter's version of "Ordinary Fool," the movie's torch song. Williams wrote and recorded it prior, and added it to the film's soundtrack since it fit so well.

And here is a young tweener Jessie J singing it in her school's production of the show.

And the great Ella Fitzgerald covered it beautifully too.
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In light of recent news, I wonder whether any of the cast had any unpleasant experiences with Baio.
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I can't think of the songs in this without being reminded of Tim Ireland's utterly scurrilous farewell to Tony Blair.
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This was referenced, obliquely, in Spaced at the end of the cake fight in Dissolution.
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