The Great Passage IRL
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If you liked The Great Passage/舟を編む/fune o amu then you might want to watch Yasunari Hiraki: Word by Word.
The latest edition of Kojien, the most authoritative of Japanese dictionaries, hit the stores in January 2018. A team of 220 wordsmiths spent 5 years tracking words in the media and on the Internet before deciding on the 10,000 or so new entries that reflect Japan today, such as "jidori" (selfie) and "moe" (passion). Chief editor Yasunari Hiraki believes that words evolve with the times. We'll ask him about what goes into the making of a dictionary and what he feels is its role today.
This episode of the NHK World program 'Face To Face' is available until March 24. It was rather interesting to see some of the real life 'based on' people, places, and things from the anime.
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