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May 20

Movie: 紅の豚 / Porco Rosso (1992)

In 1930s Italy, sky pirates in seaplanes terrorize wealthy cruise ships as they sail the Adriatic Sea. The only pilot brave enough to stop the scourge is the mysterious Porco Rosso, a former World War I flying ace who was somehow transformed into a pig during the war. After his plane is damaged, Porco must prepare to battle a rogue American ace with the help of his two confidantes, a fearless teenage mechanic and a world-weary cabaret singer. [more inside]
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May 10

Delicious in Dungeon: Hag/Nightmare  Season 1, Episode 19

Confronted by the chimeric tallman catgirl, Senshi winds up conducting a rather unique lesson on etiquette, while Marcille winds up dealing with nightmares of the monstrous sort - forcing Laios to take a dangerous journey into her psyche... [more inside]
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May 9

The Apothecary Diaries: The Threat  Season 1, Episode 4

An imperial order is not one that can be refused, and so Maomao is assigned to the Crystal Palace to heal the ailing Wise Consort, Lihua - but her ladies in waiting may be the biggest threat to the Consort... [more inside]
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May 4

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Perfect Replicas  Season 1, Episode 24

With the spiegel - a monster capable of creating clones of those within the Ruins of the King's Tomb - now acting to deal with the mages invading the dungeon, the candidates in the Second Test now face the most dangerous of opponents - themselves... [more inside]
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May 3

Delicious in Dungeon: Shapeshifter  Season 1, Episode 18

Following a trail of blood, Team Touden travels to the sixth floor - the castle waterways, and the site of their loss to the red dragon. But when a surprising chill forces them to take shelter in an abandoned oubliette, they soon find that me's a crowd as there's now a bunch of copies - both credible and not... [more inside]
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April 26

Delicious in Dungeon: Harpy/Chimera  Season 1, Episode 17

Laios and Shuro's discussion/fight is cut short by an attack by harpies - and a much greater threat, one that leaves the parties shaken. And in the aftermath, two allies let it all out for once... [more inside]
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April 25

The Apothecary Diaries: The Unsettling Matter Of The Spirit  Season 1, Episode 3

When reports of a ghostly lady dancing on the walls of the Rear Palace reach Jinshi, he asks Maomao to look into the matter. But when it turns out to be a sleepwalking concubine, it winds up that there's more to this case than originally thought... [more inside]
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April 24

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Conquering The Labyrinth  Season 1, Episode 23

The Second Test has begun, and its objective is deceptively simple - reach the depths of a dungeon that has never been fully explored. But unexplored dungeons have dangerous threats, and the one this dungeon has might be the most dangerous of them all... [more inside]
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April 23

The Apothecary Diaries: Chilly Apothecary  Season 1, Episode 2

Settling into her new role as lady in waiting in the Jade Pavilion, Maomao finds herself placed in a role that might make use of her particular talents - as well as becoming an advisor and drugmaker to Jinshi... [more inside]
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April 22

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Future Enemies  Season 1, Episode 22

With the conclusion of the First Test, the surviving candidates get a chance for some rest in the interlude. But while they have some time to enjoy themselves, the reality of the Second Test looms over their heads... [more inside]
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April 21

The Apothecary Diaries: Maomao  Season 1, Episode 1

Maomao, a young apothecary raised and trained by her uncle and adoptive father Luomen, is kidnapped and sold into the service of the Imperial Court's Rear Palace - the "flower garden" where the Emperor's concubines are kept, along with the staff to maintain them. She tries to keep her head down in order to complete the term of indentured servitude she's been sold into - but a medical mystery winds up drawing her into the orbit of the eccentric master of the Rear Palace, Jinshi... [more inside]
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April 20

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: The World Of Magic  Season 1, Episode 21

As the First Test nears its conclusion, Frieren and Denken finally clash in a battle of experienced mages. But it turns out that the elf has a trick up her sleeve - a trick that will get the attention of Serie herself... [more inside]
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April 19

Delicious in Dungeon: Cleaners/Dried With Sweet Sake  Season 1, Episode 16

After some observation, Chilchuck has figured out a pattern to the shifting of the floor's configuration, leading Team Touden to the exit - and to Teams Kabru and Shuro. However, the reunion between allies may not be a happy one when Shuro finds out what happened with Falin... [more inside]
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April 18

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Necessary Killing  Season 1, Episode 20

The tension pops off as teams begin to clash - Wirbel and Party VIII challenging Fern's Party IV, while Party XIII led by Denken makes their move against Frieren and Party II. And with the stakes of the test - and of the prize that Serie holds for those who succeed - it might just be worth killing for... [more inside]
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April 17

Spring 2024 Anime Season / Winter 2024 Wrap-Up

Let's talk about what we enjoyed from Winter 2024 and what we'll be watching in Spring 2024:
  • LiveChart
  • AniChart
  • MyAnimeList
  • Anime Planet
  • For some impressions and reviews, check out [more inside]
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    Delicious in Dungeon: Driad/Cockatrice  Season 1, Episode 15

    Trapped in the Mad Mage's ever shifting labyrinth, Team Touden is on the verge of starvation - until finding a nest of dryads provides a potential meal - and miserable allergies. And then, the party is forced to deal with a monster that makes the basilisk look tame... [more inside]
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    April 16

    Tonari no Yokai-san: Episode 1 (Untitled)  Show Only   Season 1, Episode 1

    Nestled in a windy valley, Fuchigamori is a rural town where humans and yokai live side by side like it's no big deal. There are backyard barbecues, visits to the local hardware store, neighbors dropping off extras from the garden and a lingering sense of impending doom from a hidden antagonist. English Language Title: The Yokai Next to Me. [more inside]
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    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Well-Laid Plans  Season 1, Episode 19

    With the First Test continuing, Frieren and her two young mage compatriots still need to acquire a stille - and they're not the only team in that boat. But given the stille's traits and the implications of Serie's barrier, Frieren hatches a plan to catch one - the problem being that said plan is by its nature picking a fight with all the other teams without a stille... [more inside]
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    April 15

    Movie: Spy x Family Code: White

    After receiving an order to be replaced in Operation Strix, Loid decides to help Anya win a cooking competition at Eden Academy, by making the director's favorite meal in order to prevent his replacement. [more inside]
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    Delicious in Dungeon: Sea Serpent  Season 1, Episode 14

    With the intensity of the past few episodes, it's perhaps a good pallette cleanser to go back and see how the comic relief is doing, and...did Kabru just outright murk that guy... [more inside]
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    April 14

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: First-Class Mage Exam  Season 1, Episode 18

    Finally, Frieren and party have reached Äußerst, the Northern Lands' center of magical research and study - and the site of the examination to earn the rank of first class mage. But it's not just Frieren and Fern who seek the title, as a number of mages from around the lands converge on the city of magic... [more inside]
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    April 13

    Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon III/Good Medicine  Season 1, Episode 13

    The Mad Mage makes his presence known, and his magic seems to have the power to control Falin, as Team Touden challenges the elven master of the dungeon. And when things go awry, the party is found by an orc warband - whose captain finds the halffoot's seeming cowardice distasteful... [more inside]
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    April 12

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Take Care  Season 1, Episode 17

    With the knowledge of his friend traveling to Tur, Sein now has a decision to make - though the weather gives him a chance to further reflect - and to bond with his comrades. And then when Fern falls ill, a journey to find medicinal ingredients gives Frieren and Stark a chance to bond... [more inside]
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    April 11

    Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon II  Season 1, Episode 12

    The red dragon has been slain, and Falin's remains recovered. All that's left is to ressurect the young tallman woman - but doing so will have her friend make some grave choices... [more inside]
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    April 10

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Long-Lived Friends  Season 1, Episode 16

    The journey to Äußerst leads the party to meet with an old acquaintance of Frieren's - and with recounting past memories. And another stop results in Sein gaining insight on the path his childhood friend took - and in doing so forces the priest to make a choice... [more inside]
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    April 9

    Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon I  Season 1, Episode 11

    This is it. This is what all the adventures, all the trials, all themeals have been leading up to. For Team Touden, it's do or die - for Falin's sake, the red dragon must fall... [more inside]
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    April 8

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Smells Like Trouble  Season 1, Episode 15

    When the party finds a town afflicted by a curse that puts people to sleep, Sein finds himself put to the test - not just of his skills, but of his belief in his fellow travelers as well. Then, a chance encounter with the ruler of the region has Stark play the role of his son - a false role that nonetheless brings up real emotions for the young warrior... [more inside]
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    April 7

    Delicious in Dungeon: Giant Frogs/Aboveground  Season 1, Episode 10

    Refreshed physically, emotionally, and manawise, Team Touden begins the descent to the castle town - and to their confrontation with the red dragon. Unfortunately, the path downward will not be an easy one, with the stairwell down full of dangers. Meanwhile, Tansu reports his findings to the (nominal) head of the island, while Namari looks to see if by some miracle Falin's corpse has made it back for revival. One thing is clear - things are coming to a head, in several ways... [more inside]
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    April 6

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Privilege Of The Young  Season 1, Episode 14

    It's Fern's birthday, and tensions are high as it seems that Stark has forgotten and Fern is upset - but the reality of the situation is more complicated, as it usually is when emotions are in play, especially one particular one. Then while on the road, a monster attack causes a particular item of Frieren's to be lost - one with significant meaning... [more inside]
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    April 5

    Delicious in Dungeon: Tentacles/Stew  Season 1, Episode 9

    With Marcille weakened from the undine's assault, Team Touden is surprised when another adventuring party comes upon them - with a familiar face in tow. But the realities of how dungeoneering works forces Laios to trade his labor for healing. And the enraged undine is still out there - but Marcille has a plan to kill two birds with one stone, and use it to replenish her mana... [more inside]
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    April 4

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Aversion To One's Own Kind  Season 1, Episode 13

    A chance meeting with a priest in the woods leads Frieren to learn more about the man - and to convince him to join her party to fulfill a childhood dream...and find a childhood friend... [more inside]
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    April 3

    Delicious in Dungeon: Raspberries/Grilling Meat   Season 1, Episode 8

    Marcille thinks back on how she and Falin first met at school, and how she taught the elf valuable lessons about how there's more to the world than what's in books. Unfortunately, her ablutions wind up creating a very angry water spirit with murder on its mind... [more inside]
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    April 2

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: A Real Hero  Season 1, Episode 12

    Continuing on to Äußerst, the trio finds themselves in the Village of the Sword just in time to keep a promise made by Frieren, and to learn a truth about Himmel's legend. Then, it's Stark's birthday - but the warrior feels that there's little reason to celebrate it - or him... [more inside]
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    April 1

    Delicious in Dungeon: Kelpie/Porridge/Broiled In Sauce  Season 1, Episode 7

    Finally reaching an underground lake at the base of the castle, the party - and Senshi in particular - gets a valuable lesson in the reality of wild monsters being exactly that. And as Team Touden crosses the lak, they wind up finding out personally how one very large predator can throw off the ecosystem... [more inside]
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    March 31

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Winter In The Northern Lands  Season 1, Episode 11

    With Aura and her subordinates now dead, the people of Graf Granat's realm can finally relax and begin recovering from the wounds The Guillotine left. And with that, Frieren and her party now have a new goal - one that will lead to a chance encounter with another of her kind... [more inside]
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    March 30

    Delicious in Dungeon: Court Cuisine/Boiled In Salt Water  Season 1, Episode 6

    Curiosity - and a rumbling tummy - lead Laios to try seeing if the food in the enchanted paintings is a possible food source. But he gets more than a meal as the scenes he enters tell the tale of the Golden Kingdom, as well as that of the Mad Mage. Later, a midnight bathroom break leads to Chilchuck trapped with his nemesis... [more inside]
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    March 29

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: A Powerful Mage  Season 1, Episode 10

    Frieren has earned many epithets throughout her many years, but the first of those was apprentice to the great mage Flamme, she who brought the flame of magic to humanity - and waged a war against the monsters who preyed from the shadows. And it is that war that her elven apprentice has carried on, and which leads her to a confrontation with The Guillotine herself... [more inside]
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    March 28

    Delicious in Dungeon: Snacks/Sorbet  Season 1, Episode 5

    All that glitters is not gold, as one adventurer group finds out the hard way when the treasure they find winds up being a bit more...alive than expected. And when Team Touden finds themselves dealing with spirits sans their indisposed healer, Senshi comes up with a creative - and tasty! - method of ghostbusting. [more inside]
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    March 27

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Aura The Guillotine   Season 1, Episode 9

    Finding shelter and aid, Granat recounts to his young saviors about how Aura used her signature spell - Auserlese - to create her army of the dead. But at the moment, the bigger threat is Lügner and Linie - and they plan to deal with the young mage and warrior personally... [more inside]
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    March 26

    Delicious in Dungeon: Stewed Cabbage/Orcs  Season 1, Episode 4

    It's farming dungeon style as Senshi shows Team Touden his...ambulatory gardens in the form of golems he has turned into walking vegetable patches. Though when they go to trade in their leafy bonanza, it turns out that the red dragon's actions have caused further displacement - and further trouble... [more inside]
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    March 25

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Frieren The Slayer  Season 1, Episode 8

    The presence of the elf mage and her party - and their actions - force the hand of the demon Lügner - fittingly, 'liar" - to forgo subterfuge and resort to force to find the key to collapsing the spell protecting the town. For while the people around her might see Frieren as a quirky oddball, demons have a decidedly different view of her - of a cold eyed bane of demonkind, known by a fitting epithet - Frieren, the Slayer... [more inside]
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    March 24

    Delicious in Dungeon: Living Armor  Season 1, Episode 3

    Finally entering the castle proper, Team Touden finds themselves at a tricky impass, as the path to move further into the castle is guarded by suits of living armor - a threat that Laios himself has fallen to (he got better, thankfully.) But this means no meals, as living armor are magical constructs, not living creatures...right? [more inside]
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    March 23

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Like A Fairy Tale  Season 1, Episode 7

    For someone whom can remember the events of antiquity because they were there, the transient nature of human memory is something that puzzles Frieren - that what was her experience has become myth and legend. Of course, some of that myth - like demonkind - is an altogether too real threat... [more inside]
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    March 20

    Delicious in Dungeon: Roast Basilisk/Omelet/Kakiage  Season 1, Episode 2

    Team Touden continues to explore the odd treetop "level" of the dungeon, while seeing other parties as well - and with rations rather than resorting to hunting. But even this early in the dungeon is dangerous if you're not prepared...or if you're letting jealousy color your view... [more inside]
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    March 19

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: The Hero of the Village  Season 1, Episode 6

    Frieren and Fern enlist Stark's help to fight the solar dragon - but is he up to the task? [more inside]
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    Delicious in Dungeon: Hot Pot/Tart  Season 1, Episode 1

    It's been...a bad run for Team Touden in the dungeon, after confronting a red dragon on little rest and less food - they got trounced, two of their fighters have tendered their resignation, and their healer Falin was eaten by the dragon after she sent everyone else to safety. Party leader (and Falin's older brother) Laios is determined to ressurect his little sister, but with no supplies, he has to resort to...dungeon self-sufficiency... [more inside]
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    March 18

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Phantoms Of The Dead  Season 1, Episode 5

    Stories of villagers being lured by phantoms of lost loved ones have Frieren and Fern dealing with a very real threat in the mountains, one that attacks through subterfuge. And when Frieren spies an interesting grimoire in a dragon's nest, her desire results in her seeking out a new ally... [more inside]
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    March 17

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: The Land Where Souls Dwell  Season 1, Episode 4

    Frieren and Fern take a job cleaning up the shore, taking as payment a grimoire containing the notes of the great mage Flamme - a grimoire that the elf mage is certain is a forgery. But not all of Flamme's notes are fake, and Frieren's dear friend and ally Eisen has a lead on a real tome of the great msge's work... [more inside]
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    March 16

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Killing Magic  Show Only   Season 1, Episode 3

    While retracing the path she took on her adventure with her former traveling companions, Frieren confronts an old enemy. [more inside]
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    March 13

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: It Didn't Have to Be Magic...  Show Only   Season 1, Episode 2

    Frieren instructs Fern in the use of magic while deciphering a grimoire for Heiter. [more inside]
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    March 12

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: The Journey's End  Show Only   Season 1, Episode 1

    The world celebrates the Demon King's defeat at the hands of the Hero and his companions. Now that their great adventure is over, what will Frieren the mage do next? [more inside]
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    February 16

    Movie: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train

    [TRAILER] Tanjiro Kamado, joined with Inosuke Hashibira, a boy raised by boars who wears a boar's head, and Zenitsu Agatsuma, a scared boy who reveals his true power when he sleeps, boards the Infinity Train on a new mission with the Fire Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, to defeat a demon who has been tormenting the people and killing the demon slayers who oppose it! [more inside]
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    February 15

    Movie: Akira

    [TRAILER] In 1988 the Japanese government drops an atomic bomb on Tokyo after ESP experiments on children go awry. In 2019, 31 years after nuking the city, Kaneda, a bike gang leader, tries to save his friend Tetsuo from a secret government project. He battles against anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists and a powerful military leader until Tetsuo's supernatural power suddenly manifest. A final battle is fought in Tokyo Olympiad exposing the experiment's secrets. [more inside]
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    January 4

    Winter 2024 Anime Season / Autumn 2023 Wrap-Up

    What did you enjoy this Fall and what are you looking for in this upcoming season? Here are the lists of what's airing Winter 2024: More links from review sites below the fold. [more inside]
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    October 3

    Fall 2023 Anime Season / Summer 2023 Wrap-Up

    Here are the lists of what's airing Fall 2023: As always, if you want some subjective opinions or some guidance on what to prioritize, there's [more inside]
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    August 4

    Movie: Vampire Hunter D

    In a far-future time ruled by the supernatural, a young girl requests the help of a vampire hunter to kill the vampire who has bitten her and thus prevent her from becoming a vampire herself. [more inside]
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    July 6

    Summer 2023 Anime Season

    These are the objective lists: If you want some subjective opinions or some guidance on what to prioritize, there's [more inside]
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    June 29

    ?Oshi No Ko?: Full Season  Season 1 (Full Season)

    The surprising hit of the Spring 2023 anime season, from relatively unknown anime studio Doga Kobo. An adaptation of a manga written by Aka Akasaka (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari (Scum's Wish), the show offers a look into the Japanese entertainment industry covering entertainers, creators, producers, and consumers with a focus on the perspective of young entertainers in the industry. [more inside]
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    April 4

    Spring 2023 Anime Season

    Spring 2023 schedules: [more inside]
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    January 5

    Winter 2023 Anime Season

    Winter 2023 schedules:(various 'most anticipated' lists are under the fold.) [more inside]
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