Legends of Tomorrow: No Country for Old Dads
March 6, 2018 4:34 AM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

When Damien and Nora Darhrk take Ray hostage they force him to try and fix the Fire Totem, but Ray tries to use the power struggle between them to his advantage when Ray and Nora find themselves working together in 1960s-era East Germany. (Also, Neal McDonough wins the bad wig jackpot.)
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"Hi annoyed, I'm Dad!"
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whaaaaaaat is the secret about Ava???

also, holy shit i'm sympathizing with fucking damien darhk.

so how is the Time Bureau going to fix the hole in the Berlin Wall? go back to that moment in time when Ray fired the shot and somehow block/deflect it while also informing the Waverider to arrive? Or just go back like right after the shot and... rebuild the wall?
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This is where I think the time travel falls down a tiny bit. Wouldn't it make more sense for the Waverider and especially Wally to go back far enough in time to get there a tiny bit before Ray fires the shot and prevent him from taking out the wall. Yes, I understand that the time quake is what notified the crew about where and when Ray ended up, but I still think they should be able to make time work a bit better in their favour.

I think Damien's assassin wig is his worst one yet, and that's quite an accomplishment with how many bad wigs there are per each actor on this this.

As for Ava, who knows? She's a member of the League? She's related to Sara? She's a member of the League who is related to Sara? It's got to be something connected to the Lance family or extended family.
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There are a number of folks guessing that Ava is herself somehow
one of the Totem/Infinity Stone/Horcrux mcguffins. But my money's on Rip knowing something from Ava's future that neither she nor Sara can know yet, like Ava's going to be (to have been some time hence?) the Agent responsible for preserving the timeline by sinking the Queen yacht, putting Sara on her painful path to the present or somesuch.

Also, I've come to expect and enjoy the atrocious CW series wigs as a running gag. Every time one shows up, it's occasion for a whoop, like spotting Morn at the bar on DS9; 'Wig! Everyone drink two shots!"
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Also, I've come to expect and enjoy the atrocious CW series wigs as a running gag. Every time one shows up, it's occasion for a whoop, like spotting Morn at the bar on DS9; 'Wig! Everyone drink two shots!"

I have to believe that the hair/make-up department is purposely seeking out the most absurd wigs they can find, they can't all be so horrendous by accident. If I make it to any Legends/Arrowverse panels at DragonCon next year, I'm going to try to ask the actors about it. Germany-Damien's wig was glorious, just glorious.
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yeah their time traveling could use a lot more strategizing. Like, "hey here's where the aberration happened, let's do recon at that moment, then jump back as far as we need to stop it.
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For all our sakes, I hope you make it to the con, oh yeah! and get to ask your question. (Of course we'll all expect an in-depth report on what you discover.)
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I just found out that Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) and Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer) are married, which makes some interactions in this episode more amusing.
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ha! that's funny! i wonder how that'll play out!
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Oh, that explains a LOT about Ray and Nora suddenly having chemistry. They do try him out with all the ladies on this show to some extent, but I was wondering "why this one?" Now I know. Ray trying to do family therapy was kind of a hoot though.

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