Scandal: Inside the Bubble
October 13, 2014 2:01 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Olivia handles a case for a former friend from law school. Fitz struggles with his work towards gun control when David is having trouble being elected Attorney General. Meanwhile, Mellie becomes overly invested in a national case in which a man is allegedly pushed by his wife of the cliff of Yosemite.
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I finally watched this over the weekend but my cable signal must have been wonky on Thursday night. It went all pixelly for the last few minutes. What was going on with the elevator video Huck found? Who was it?
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It was some man (unidentified) at her father's firm (I believe) struggling with Caitlin (the daughter who was murdered) over some file folder (I think)

As you can tell even without pixelation problems, the case-of-the-week made a really lasting impression with me, but the implication was that Olivia and Abby's friend did not kill her daughter and there was another suspect, just as the woman was getting arrested for the murder. It ended with that as an unexpected cliffhanger, which would have made the ending even more confusing if you didn't catch it all.

Speaking of Olivia and Abby and the case of the week, did we know previously to this week that Olivia and Abby went to law school together? The backstory I remembered was that Olivia set Abby up with her (became abusive) husband but I don't remember their history before that.
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I'm quickly working my way through the show, and I very much hope that this season continues to include regular occurrences of an exasperated David Rosen throwing open his storage unit door and solving problems with bankers' boxes of blackmail.
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