Post for Hugo Award nominations?
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With the nominations for the Hugo Awards closing this Friday, I was wondering if anyone was interested in Fanfare posts for Hugo nominations? I know of at least one in the Graphic Story category, and would like to go ahead and share it.
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I'd be interested! I'd love a chance to talk them out with others (especially the short stories and novellas, where it can be harder to find a place to have a conversation about them. I'm still in the process of submitting my nominations, but I have no idea what is likely to be a front runner this year.
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I'd be interested too !
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Now that the nominations are out, would it make sense to have separate posts for the novels and novellas, then have one post for all of the novellettes and one for the short stories?
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I think there's few enough candidates that we could do single-story posts for each novelette and short story nomination. But definitely the novels and novellas should be done individuallhy.
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How do you want to handle posting threads? There’s a couple works that already have them, but I think that’s it. (This message brought to you by me devouring both of Sarah Pinkser’s nominated works and enjoying the hell out of them)
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