Legends of Tomorrow: Necromancing the Stone
March 20, 2018 4:37 AM - Season 3, Episode 15 - Subscribe

When Mallus' power over Sara resurfaces, she unwittingly becomes the bearer of one of the Totems, and Agent Sharpe recruits someone unorthodox to help.
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I think I mentioned in another post about another show that I'm behind on my general TV viewing, so I haven't seen this yet, and I really shouldn't be commenting.

That said, I wanted to share this piece of news. While the comic book version of Constantine I'm familiar with (haven't read post Rebirth or very much post New 52) would swear up and down he's not a bloody super hero, and he certainly doesn't belong in a damned space and time travel ship, it appears the powers that be in the DCCW world disagree.
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Someone on Reddit pointed out that Matt Ryan is now the Kevin Conroy of Constantine having played him on 3 TV shows, an animated movie, and an animated series. Works for me!
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Woo hoo Constantine! He was fun here.
I generally enjoyed this one (Zara snark is always great, Mick gets fire, "you have a foot but no phone?"), but the trite breakup at the end sucked. Everyone is tired of that shit on shows, you know?
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My wife, who swears up and down that she does NOT like the show she calls for "Catpeople,"* but never leaves when I put it on, was very angry at the breakup. To me it felt like lazy storytelling without much justification, and I really liked Sara and Ava together. I don't for a minute believe "before I had a girlfriend" is a thing that matters (does anyone believe Sara doesn't cheat on girlfriends?), but that opening scene was really nice.

*She couldn't remember the name for the first season and called it "Catpeople of Yesteryear" because of the Hawk characters. I know this is only sort of an explanation.
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As one of the tens of people who were crushed when Constantine was cancelled, I love seeing him getting a second life. I think he holds up pretty well so far. Thrilled that he's going to be a regular, I've been hearing rumors about that since the end of S1.

Now I just need to work on getting my Limitless stage play adapted and I'll be set.
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"Catpeople of Yesteryear"

Well, CW does have a Sunday night schedule to fill starting in the fall...
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Everyone is tired of that shit on shows, you know?


I loved this episode right up until the breakup, which was exactly the wrong move.
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yeah i was also heartbroken at that breakup. so unnecessary!

the rest of the episode was really fun though! I'm glad they didn't dawdle with giving Mick the fire totem which we all knew was coming.

also Nate was terribly useless against his grandfather, while the others knew to stand up to their apparitions. like, at this point he should steel up just on reflex regardless of who's punching him.
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Let's get "Catpeople of Yesteryear" greenlit right away, I would watch the crap out of that.
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Finally caught up on this at least.

While I agree with everybody that the break-up was not needed and bad for the characters, I can see why the writers took that route. Sara is still shaken up from what she learned about herself, and she really does care for Ava and want the best for her, hence the split.

But we also see her coming to regret her decision (when she turns back to look for Ava) so it's only a matter of time before they get this pair together again. Yes, it will be a frustrating exercise to watch them circle around each other warily and to put their wounded pride aside to work together, but I'm starting to have a little bit of faith in the show's writing team to do the right thing (eventually), and this pairing seems to be one of the better right things on the show.
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oh yeah also Constantine is totally going to use magic to cheat at D&D...
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Is that nightmare sequence with early-assassin-days Sara killing the guy in front of the little girl a particular scene we've seen before in her story? Because I worried/worry about that turning into "No Ava, we can't be together, because ...I'm the one who killed your Dad." DUN DUN DUN! (That being the item Rip deleted from the logs a few eps back; it wouldn't be out of order for Ava to be time-displaced in some fashion, accounting for the age disparity.)
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No, that's not a scene that we've witnessed before, but your speculation is pretty good.

Even after watching Constantine, I'm not used to John being that verbal, verbose and chatty. He's more taciturn in the comics. That said, I do like his character. I think he shakes up the team a bit, which they need.
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Zari always says what I’m thinking.
Nate: If I’m not back in 5 minutes...
Zari: Wait longer?
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I think John has to be chattier on TV because they can't use the comic book conventions usually there to let you know what's going on in someone's head.
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I'm sure that's part of the reason. Plus subtle magic is no fun. It has to be hand wavy and chanty to make an impact on TV.

I do love that we got the Sting line, even if Matt's resemblance to the singer is pretty much non-existent.

I also love the way the Doctor whoever line was handled. We all know it's meant to be a shot at the Marvel character, but it works equally well (and honestly where my first thought went) in regards to Dr. Fate, especially since John and Nabu have been known to clash.

I feel like I've been focusing too much on John in these comments, and I shouldn't. Most of the episode was entertaining and the dialogue was especially fun.
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I thought the “Doctor whoever” line was a Doctor Who joke, not a comics character reference, no?
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I think the general consensus is Dr. Strange was the intended reference, given that he was mucking around with Thor and the spaceship and ferrying all those Asgardians to earth.
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Yeah, but they’re MCU and Constantine is DC, I’m 99% sure that was a Who nod. That’s why I giggled at it, anyway.

Unrelated giggle moment in this episode - Ray’s nervous/terrified reaction to recovered Sara entering the medbay. Poor woobie.
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It was a fairly obvious Doctor Who nod, with the line about spaceships, and then when Ava and Gary both said "Who?", Constantine said "Exactly".

They've recognized MCU characters and comic book characters within the CW DC-verse though. There was a line either in this episode or the last one about somebody acting like Spider-Man. But you could tell they mean a comic book character and not a real-life hero in their universe.
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This is fun! It's a broad and vague enough reference that it crosses mediums and properties.

I still think I agree with what I've read online that Stephen Strange was the target only because John was moaning about what his title was (or what was on his business card or something). I think he said he was a demonologist, implying he wasn't sorcerer supreme, and while I haven't really watched Who since the Baker days, I can't quite link that line of thought or reasoning (from title to rant about Dr. blank) to Who. Yes, spaceships make more sense in the Dr. Who context, especially given the response by Ava and Gary, but then again, we saw Nabu's golden helm on Constantine, so Dr. Fate exists/has existed in John's universe, and he could very well be a target of John's snark.

I guess we can just call it a triple reference and implied insult and satisfy all our fannish needs.
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