Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Negotiation
March 26, 2018 4:55 AM - Season 5, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Jake runs into a familiar face when he's called in to negotiate a hostage situation with a jewel thief.
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I think I need to give up on my hope that this show is going to get less Jake-y and more ensemble-y. This show was, for a while, my favourite show, but it lost the balance it found after season one and each episode I first enjoy and then feel very frustrated about.
posted by jeather at 4:57 AM on March 26, 2018

Yes, I feel you. At least we have "The Good Place", that's a real ensemble show.
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I was thinking last night as I watched this how I find Samberg less annoying than I used to when the show premiered. I wonder if that represents any growth on his part or if they just boiled my frog with the aid of the rest of the ensemble.
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I did enjoy “Spreadsheet, spreadsheet, crime, crime, precinct, precinct.” And that Hitchcock has a first name.

Didn’t like the Charles plot at all. There’s foodie and there’s asshole, and they found the overlap in that Venn diagram.
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phearlez, I had the misfortune to watch something with younger samberg in it recently, and it was unpleasant. I think he has just learned to dial it down.

I have really been enjoying this season. The pairings are good, and each episode has quite a few very funny moments. I am really appreciating how they've pulled back on creepy charles, and given us much less screen time with asshole charles. I would watch asshole chef for at least twice as long as creepy charles, but to see him less AND not have him talk about relationships ever again??? Sold!

I called the Pontiac Bandit as soon as they asked for Jake by name. I love the PB episodes because those two have great chemistry.
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i really gotta remember to sing that song the next time i go to karaoke
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I enjoyed the episode. I know that I should be tired of the Doug Judy and Jake storylines, but the same absurd optimism that Judy beams at Jake has pulled me into their riveting bromance. I couldn't watch a tv show just about them, but darn it, I need at least one story per season now. The B and C stories were fine, with the Charles the Chef being the least interesting. His berating came across as annoying, not so much comedic.
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I think they dole out Doug Judy episodes in a sparse enough fashion that I haven't gotten tired of them yet.
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Between Craig Robinson's incredible charisma and his fantastic chemistry with Andy Samberg, Doug Judy is probably the second best recurring character (after Kevin, of course!). As soon as they said the criminal had asked for Peralta it was obvious, and I spent the entire episode excited.
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