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A whodunit based on the murder of popular children's book author and illustrator Olivia Lake.
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I haven't seen this show, but in case anyone else was confused: Olivia Lake was not a real person.
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Thanks for posting this. Looking through the reviews is making me want to re-watch the show. I am really surprised that Willa Paskin (writing in Slate) finds it lacking in emotional content. For me, the characters played by Stone and Hedlund were incredibly engaging, albeit sometimes frustrating. I think that is actually quite a feat, because when a story has that kind of puzzle-box structure, you keep being reminded that it's a fictional construct. It helps that the characters drink enough to be confused themselves about what is going on, so the viewer can feel they are sharing in that same confusion. But there again, this wouldn't be the first mystery (book or movie) to make use of that idea. An awful lot of it has to be the acting, I think. Everyone's pretty good, but Stone is stunning.
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