Steven Universe: The Big Show
March 28, 2018 3:51 PM - Season 5, Episode 14 - Subscribe

A documentary of the humble beginnings of Sadie Killer and the Suspects, by Steven Universe

The angle with Sadie's mom could've been fleshed out more, but I'm sure we'll see the resolutions of that later.

The music is so great! I'm sure these songs will be released as singles on your preferred music streaming service soon, so keep a look out! (Their first song, "The Working Dead", is on Spotify, and here's the official music video!) Also I basically love it when Kate Micucci sings in any show.

I love that Mayor Dewey wears clip-on ties, because of course he does.

And that venue owner, Sunshine Justice, is voiced by Joan Jett!
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Oh wait, Former Mayor Dewey.
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The coolest thing about Sadie Killer and the Suspects is they really do have an interesting, unique sound. The idea of a band that gets their sound from old B-movie soundtracks is fun. It's gotta be something that's been done before, but I couldn't even begin to imagine how to find any real-life bands that have done similar things.
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When Lars gets back, he could become part of the floor show. Sadie and Lars could relate the TRUE STORY of the time they were trapped on a weird island, where the animals wore masks, and she had to kill WITH HER OWN HANDS a creepy invisible monster....
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