Legends of Tomorrow: The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly
April 9, 2018 7:50 PM - Season 3, Episode 18 - Subscribe

The Legends plan to vanquish Mallus by using the totems doesn't go as planned, forcing Rip to improvise. The team finds itself regrouping in the Wild West, where they run into their old pal Jonah Hex. (Season Finale)
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And we thought Gorilla Grodd trying to kill Obama was bonkers? I just...you guys... giant Voltron Beebo?! Bless this show.
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Great finale! They’ve definitely hit their stride. And the show is stronger for rotating people in and out.
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What The Fuck Did I Just Watch: The Series 💙
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I will go to my grave screaming that Nate is Amaya's baby daddy, dammit!
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I really thought it was going to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but I guess that was just the reference.
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By using the word "Cuddly" in the episode title, the writers clued me in to Beebo's eventual appearance, so I spent the whole episode waiting for Beebo to appear, and so in the end the big reveal wasn't a surprise to me. I wish they hadn't referenced Beebo in the title. I enjoyed the big moment, but knew it was coming.

I really hope this isn't the last we've seen of Damien Darhk. He's become too fun a character to throw away. Nora will obviously be back eventually. Bringing back Jax as a husband and father now gives him his happy ending, so I suspect we're done with him, but I also expected him to be tragically gunned down. I mean, a sudden wife and son? He might as well have been one day away from retirement.
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In lieu of an organized review I will paste the mostly-sober livetexts that I spammed a long-suffering friend with:

Literal power rangers
Rip better not be killing Gideon!
Rip you are not allowed to sacrifice yourself!‼
nooooo Rip you jerk
Guest star Matt Ryan‼
I love that Jonah Hex Old West Land is basically Legend home base now
Ray is planning amazing stupid things
Thank you for appreciating the clothes Wally‼
Mick mentions losing Len 😢
I will love the Mallus pronunciation fight until i diiiie
Dear Totem Ancestors, please just tell Amaya that Nate is her baby daddy already
Ray stop punching Pretty!‼
POWRR of friendship babyyyyy
"And then we got hiiiiigh"
Mick memorized Ray's songgggg!!
Hex and Zari are flirting, Rip will be jealous (Did they tell Hex his boyfriend is dead??)
NATE/VOLTRON copyright infringement OTP
Mick thinks of Nate as Pretty in his head holy shit
"Are we making a baby?!" Oh Jesus
Helen of Troy is an Amazon oh my goddddd (Also who is Jax married to????)
Nora is totally joining the team & hooking up with Ray
Jax gets a happy ending 😿
Avalance romantic horse ride
I die at the cuteness of the group Mick glomp.
Amaya don't leeeeave and don't leave Naaaate
at last Aruba
Holy shit Gary/John is real
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They referenced Voltron in the episode, but I was thinking about Captain Planet most of the time, I think they even said outright "their elemental powers combine to make a perfect being of light"

I am definitely saving a gif of Giant Beebo's suicide hug.
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I will never stop calling it Voltron though
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I enjoyed this so much. Almost as much as the John Noble episode, but they can never top that.
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I love this show *so* much.
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you guys BEEBO showing up was the perfect thing to end this season on. i love this show.
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Beebo vs. Mallus final battle scene.
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I haven't laughed so hard watching a TV show in ages. That was an absolute blast!

I'd be remiss, however, if I didn't raise a criticism about something, so let's go with Nate's make-up. Day-glo orange should not be a colour in any TV make-up artist's toolkit. I swear that's the same colour they used on everybody (regardless of skin tone) back when I was in high school stage productions. It was terrible then and it's worse now. Seriously, Nate didn't need a tan to get over a broken heart, he needed to wipe the cheesie dust off his face.

Speaking of orange, I thought Matt Ryan's dye job was bad when he was starring in his own show, but I think this one is worse. Still, I'm hoping they tone it down and make it subtler next season and not bump up the colour to eye-searing.

And in the Rip is the worst category, why would he cut the Legends' time-travelling ability in half, especially when he knew it wasn't going to kill Mallus? (I do have that right, right? Rip took the main time drive out of the Waverider, the crew transplanted the jump ship's time drive into the Waverider, hence the jump ship is without a time drive.) Unless the Time Bureau is feeling generous enough to supply them with the parts, I don't see how they quickly or easily get around that problem.

Glad to see Mick made it to Aruba (and found himself a pretty sarong in the process). He deserves a break. Although I still think the necklace would have gone really well with his skirt. Mick, you're a thief. You should know you're never too old for jewellery!

Once again, it has been a pleasure watching this along with everybody on FanFare. I rely on these posts to share my viewing experience as nobody in my real life bothers with these shows. I hope everybody is back next season and we manage to pick up a few new MeFites after that masterful front page post.
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i keep chuckling every time i rewatch "BEEBO WANTS CUDDLES"
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that video linked above already got taken off so here's another one for you to make gifs from
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my new fb profile pic
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oh wait in all this i forgot to be sad that Amaya left. But Maisie Richardson-Sellers is still in next season as a series regular. But Arthur Darvill's status is unknown. Which probably means Rip isn't totally dead and will be recurring like he did this season.

also, just rewatched the scene where Amaya said her goodbyes to Sara and Zari and then they started pressing Zari about Jonah Hex and his hat and she got all blushy and that was so damn adorable.
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That was a delight. I concur that the title foreshadowed but I was so thrilled to wait for Beebo and it didn't happen as I would have expected.

I'm wondering who Jax married. Anyone we know? Also enjoyed a sane, nice Kuasa and Helen of Troy's total enjoyment + guns.

I'm surprised Amaya's *not* off the show, so yeah, that makes me think Nate is still in babydaddy running. Though uh...when I think of the folks I know who've had interracial babies, well, it probably would be noticeable if Nate had contributed. So...I guess not.

I still don't get what the heck it is that Jonah Hex has on his face to give him the half lockjaw, but him and Zari were amusing. I don't know how kissing will work there though?

I look forward to Constantine, but yeah, tone down the radioactive blond a bit, please, it was blinding.
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I’m hoping that the Aruba lighting (on set or in post-production) was partly to blame for the color of Constantine’s hair, rather than being the fault of the Legends ‘look at this terrible wig we found!’ hair & make-up department.
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My speculation is that natural brunet Matt Ryan didn't want to for-reals bleach the crap out of his hair for a role until he got the series regular contract AND series renewal announcement locked down.
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If they ever need someone to play older Nate they should give this guy a call.
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Hey, so, here's my wobbly iPhone video of my asking an Arrowverse DragonCon panel about the wigs: Flickr video
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omg he did look like David Cassidy
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Here at the end, as a Netflix watcher who just finished last season, I just want to say two things.

First, as I cross-posted to Mastodon: "So at this point as a Netflix user so behind the network airing by quite a bit, I watch Supergirl for what it has been and could be, I watch Legends of Tomorrow for the everything about it, and I watch Flash and Arrow to make sure I'm ready for the crossover event."

And second, after I get through every episode of all of those four, I come here. For the other three it's to see what I might have missed, to be validated about what might/should have been, to see if I was crazy for thinking what I thought as I watched. For this show in particular, I come here to see others share my joy in how wacky and wonderful this crazy show is. Thanks, FanFare.
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