Supernatural: Bring 'em Back Alive
April 12, 2018 11:34 PM - Season 13, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Dean explores the other dimension with a friendnemy. Sam and Castiel must try to heal an old friend. Lucifer gets frustrated in his new position.


Ok got that out of the way. I'm so glad they brought back Felicia Day! That was a surprise! I wonder who else will be alive in this alternate dimension.

So kind of not surprised that Gabriel peaced out after killing Asmodeus, but watching him getting his wings back and killing that son of a bitch was very satisfying.

I feel for Dean. That sucks to just have your plans go to crap while you're in a different dimension.

Still not sold on Ketch trying to be good. But maybe that beating Asmodeus gave him knocked some sense into him? Also, I wonder if he'll come back and be an asshole again if and when he finds out Asmodeus is dead.

Lucifer as a frustrated God is hilarious. Not sure if Jo will rat him out to the other angels, but I was surprised he didn't kill her.
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I was really surprised they killed off Asmodeus. He was supposed to be this season's Big Bad! I guess Michael's supposed to be the big scary threat now, but we've barely seen the guy. I'm enjoying this season, but the plotting feels really random. It's entertaining, but I don't get the feeling that they mapped this out and they're deliberately building anything.

Did anybody else notice that the camera was shaking around like crazy during Dean and Ketch's heart-to-heart chat in the woods? Like, not just typical handheld camera shaking, but crazy jerky shaking in the middle of this quiet conversation. My girlfriend noticed it too and wondered if maybe the hell-world is just shaky all the time and we hadn't noticed it, but then in the next scene we were still on hell-world and the camera was much more steady. It felt like a really weird choice, they were shaking around like it was a big fight scene.

I could buy Ketch reforming, or being a bastard again. He totally seems like he could go either way. I kind of feel the same way about Lucifer. He had a scary moment with Jo tonight, but he backed down. For a while now he's been kind of feckless and jokey and he's backed way off on truly evil stuff. When he went down to the exorcism it was like he was TRYING to do good, before it all went south.
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I am not thrilled that Charlie's back (I really like Felicia Day as a person but not so much as an actor, though LARP and the Real Girl had its moments), but am psyched about the general resurrection of old characters. I'd be happy to see Rufus or Ellen or Ash again and would be thrilled to see Eileen back, and am annoyed the writers backed themselves into John being dead so early in the alternate dimension plot line (especially since Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to want to come back).

I agree about the random plotting - the overall story line doesn't move forward at all for a bunch of episodes then drops a bunch of giant leaps forward into one episode. It feels like we should have seen a lot more of what Michael is up to by now, but maybe that's what trapping Ketch in the alternate dimension accomplishes. It also seems like a pending invasion from the other dimension should be pulling in Jody and Donna given that the wayward pilot was the preview of that invasion. Or at least we should be seeing alternate universe Jody and Donna soon.
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I liked Charlie so I am happy to see her, even if this one seems less fun and wow, was that lighting making poor Felicia Day look like some kind of stonefaced gargoyle.

I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan was totally dunzo with this show and that's why he's never come back and they had to turn Bobby into a surrogate dad?
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I dunno about at the time, but JDM's been talking about it lately I guess. Relevant link or two (video warning on the second).

I'm also in the 'I wish they'd show us a little more Michael before making him the season villain' camp, and in the 'love Felicia Day, but don't like Charlie' camp, so most of what I was going to say has been well covered here.
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I was surprised that they killed Asmodeus off, too. I assume Gabriel will turn up again, since he's not dead. I am utterly sick of Ketch, though, and I wish they'd kill him off too.
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