Tully (2018)
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After the birth of her third child, Marlo (Charlize Theron) reluctantly enlists a "night nanny" (Mackenzie Davis) to help her. She quickly comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully.

*Spoilers* Goodness gracious, what a twist! It would have been a beautiful movie even if it had been what it seemed at face value.
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If Tully was supposed to be young Marlo why did Craig tell the Dr she was real? And SHAME on him for not pulling his weight with the baby!

I came in late, did Shasta say anything else upsetting to the kids other than the sliced beaks?
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Craig thought she was real because he slept soundly through the night without realizing that the "night nanny" was Marlo. He never questioned it because he was too busy being checked out.

My astute and observant wife pointed out at the beginning of the movie where there's the spill at the dinner table and Marlo brings up the nanny, she says something to the effect of "oh, it's stupid, I'll just call and cancel it," and that's where it's left. So, she was surprised when Tully showed up in the first place.

The beaks thing was the only thing Shasta ever said!
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Also carousel is a MRA reference( hot young women have tons of sex with bad boys until they start losing their looks and have to settle "nice guys" like Craig)and a shitty thing for the writer/director to have Marlo say.
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I don't recall where they used the carousel reference, was it about the carousel in Logan's Run? Because that would make more sense.
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Iirc it was in the bar; the full phrase is "riding the cock carousel".
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Just a small correction because I found the first few comments here confusing - Craig is Marlo's brother played by Mark Duplass. Drew is her husband played by Ron Livingston.

Goodness gracious, what a twist! It would have been a beautiful movie even if it had been what it seemed at face value.

I agree! I feel the reviews for this film have been a little spoilery mentioning a twist. I would have liked the experience of watching it more if I didn't have the expectation of a twist in the back of my mind.
I liked how limited the points of view were - when we were with Marlo, we really saw things only from her perspective. And there were very few switches from that perspective. But I liked the small slivers we saw of Craig and Elise - he echoes Drew in the feeling the other hates him. We see a limited view of their perception as well.
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