The Terror: Terror Camp Clear
May 7, 2018 7:14 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny. (IMDB)
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Nineteenth-century doctors didn't have much that could help you live, but at least they had some liquids that could truly fuck you up. Look at this.
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Okay, I cackled watching Hickey run away from the hanging, knees pumping hard at chest height. Gee, I wonder where he got practice running on volcanic rocks like that? /s

Are we made to understand that the newly promoted Lieutenant's manhood was removed and missing, or in Hickey's stomach, possibly? I feel like I need a rewatch on this one with subtitles turned on.

And I feel it's obvious that Crozier is suffering fewer of the lead's cognitive effects than his men are, thanks to his recent bout of healthful alcoholism. It's nothing to do with his status as captain, since Fitzjames is visibly dying.

Side note: Captain Fitzjames has, until now, been a deeply unlikeable character for me. I've known countless men like him, and they oozed classism and insecurity in equal measure. But his confessional speech this ep nearly had me in tears. I cannot imagine the pressure of being in a leadership role like his and lasting as long as he has before finally cracking. Crozier's reply is what killed me -- so much compassion without a hint of pity, yet sprinkled with British stoicism. That's what a real Commander looks like, and it's doubly sad that this expedition helped him overcome his alcoholism while cementing the crew's terrible fate.

Poor Lady Silence. She sees very clearly what's going on and can do nothing to protect herself, her people or even Goodsir, who definitely gave off a whiff of "but I'm a NICE guy!" in his tearful farewell to her.

Be safe, indeed. Get FAR away from those men, Lady Silence. They're too dumb (even before the lead poisoning) to ask why your people don't get malnutrition over multi-year winters!
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Also, if I'm going to get eaten by a giant man-bear in the arctic fog, hell yes, Coca Wine! Might as well go out high and laughing at this point.
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"The only drugwine endorsed by popes."

I would definitely recommend turning on subtitles for this show. My understanding was that, yes, Hickey ate Jopson's genitals.

Agreed on the 180 degree flip in sentiment about Fitzjames. Before this, he reminded me of a particularly unlikeable "privileged, but hey, I'm cool, right?" guy who headed a venture capital takeover of a great company I once worked for. And now, wow.

I did a lot of shouting at the screen this week. "Oh, FFS!" directed toward Goodsir when he was trying to convince Lady Silence to stay with them, an "Oh, thank god," when she walked away, and a fist-shaking "HICKEYYYYY!!!" when he scooted off into the fog.
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I really really really love this show. The atmosphere and sets are just amazing, and the acting is top notch.

Definitely agree about the Fitzjames/Crozier scene as just....perfect.

Hickey went from being a sympathetic character for me (back in the flogging days) to being such a nasty little shit I so wanted him to get hanged or at least eaten. Crozier showed so much leadership in this episode, both when talking to Fitzjames and when giving his revelatory speech at the hanging.
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I should amend my previous statement for anybody who might be watching these later - no, that's Irving, it's not Jopson. I didn't think it was Jopson, but everybody kept saying it was so I figured "all these brown-haired white dudes in wool look the same to me."
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