My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: It's Just Land Mine Hopscotch
May 9, 2018 8:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Dave welcomes "SNL" veteran and creative powerhouse Tina Fey to the stage for a wide-ranging chat about family, comedy, politics and more.

AV Club: Tina Fey does an improv scene with David Letterman, swiftly owns him

Also, Letterman and Blues musician Buddy Guy eat chicken and fries at the Athenian Room while talking about the origins of the Chicago Blues. Later, Guy performs “Skin Deep”, accompanied by Paul Shaffer, at his nightclub, Buddy Guy’s Legends.
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The best part of this show was about thirty minutes in when Dave tried to weasel out of the sexism of having no women in the writers' room saying:
I always thought well, jeez, if I was a woman writer I'm not sure I would want to write on my little nickel and dime, dog and pony show, anyway. Because we were on at twelve thirty.
and Fey shuts him down with:
Yeah, we do want to write on it though.
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Yeah, Dave's self-deprecating (and for much of his run, clearly untrue), "aw shucks, no one watches my little show" thing is usually fine... except when it's used as an excuse not to do something he should be doing.

And for the record, he was on at 11:35 on CBS for (almost exactly) twice as long as he had been on at 12:30 on NBC.
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From The Cut:
Earlier in the interview, Letterman notes that Fey was the first female head writer of Saturday Night Live, but technically the first female head writer in late-night variety was Merrill Markoe who co-created Late Night with her then-boyfriend, Letterman. (Fun fact: the show’s writing staff won Emmy awards every year until Markoe left the show in 1987. After that, Late Night never won another Emmy for writing.) Did Letterman forget about Markoe? This seems to go beyond memory lapse into disinformation. I emailed Markoe, a friend, and asked her why she thinks she may have slipped Letterman’s mind. She wrote back, “Because we were having sex, maybe he remembers me as an intern.”
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