The Endless (2017)
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A Lovecraftian horror story about two brothers who return to the cult they escaped from 10 years earlier only to find...well, something other than what they thought they were running away from. Directed by and starring Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the duo behind the 2012 meth addict horror flick Resolution and 2014's Spring, The Endless is currently at 97/80 on Rotten Tomatoes.
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This was a really fun, well-acted and sharply directed little horror flick, mostly avoiding jump scares in favor of classic creeping dread and building fear. The odd Easter egg referencing Resolution is a clever touch that has me wanting to see more from these two interesting filmmakers.
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Well yeah, this looks creepy as hell. Will have to go find it!
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It only got a limited release last month but if you've got a cool arthouse theater nearby keep an eye out. Not quite as creepy as, say, It Follows or Triangle, two of my fave horror flicks of the last decade, but it's surprisingly creepy *and* surprisingly well-made. Worth seeing for horror fans.
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Now I need to see this. Given I live in Los Angeles I am sure I could find a place but I'm sooper lazy... do we know when it will be on Netflix/AmazonPrime/Hulu?
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To answer my own question; Netlix says June. So if, like me, you are so lazy its amazing you manage to feed yourself you only have a month or so. (for the disc, streaming-only customers may have a longer wait).
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Anyone waiting to see this should definitely check out Resolution in the meantime. The Endless stands strongly on its own, but it’s clearly an extension of the vision they had for Resolution and I think the added context really adds a lot to the new film.
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This is by the Resolution people?!? Oh man now I'm even more hyped. How do they connect? Just thematically or is it in the same world? I'm worried I'll hit big spoilers if I google it.
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Also, the post mentions Resolution. Pay no attention to my surprise above.
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Yeah, since a lot of folks haven't seen it yet, I wouldn't want to describe it, or the connection to Resolution, too much. A lot of reviews give too much away, to be honest (I linked the least spoilery ones I could find for the post), and am really glad I went in almost totally unaware, except for "Lovecraftian" and "the Resolution guys." Suffice to say, Justinian, there's a clever connection between the two films, but it's not at all necessary to the new film if someone hasn't seen the earlier one.

I saw it at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Raleigh, which I guess makes sense since Benson and Moorhead's previous film Spring was a Drafthouse production. None of their films seem to be easily streamable at the usual venues, tho Spring is on Shudder if you pay extra for it with Prime.
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You can also get Shudder by itself (not through prime). I'm a horror film fan and I enjoy the service.
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I loved Resolution and didn’t even k ow about this, and now I’m definitely going to add this to my Shudder queue. (I’m a giant horror movie head and yep, I love Shudder.) Thanks for posting!
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Oops, sorry, misread and thought *this* was on Shudder. Anyway.
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Finally caught this. Definitely glad I didn't go in knowing more than y'all shared. I thought it was quite good.

I hope these folks continue to make movies, and I hope they continue to get bigger budgets. Not big budgets necessarily since sometimes that's a trap but I'm certainly interested to see what they have to say and hope they have the resources to say it adequately. Because they definitely have a voice judging from this and Resolution.
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