Room 104: Voyeurs
May 23, 2018 10:45 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Written and directed by contemporary dancer Dayna Hanson, this episode is an intimate fever dream that softly explores the things we leave behind.
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I saw that the first episode of the series had been posted and then basically left alone. This episode was really special, and I feel like it deserves more attention. Almost entirely without dialogue, the episode has a very dreamy quality that I enjoyed. The Duplass brothers, when they made the show, sought out to have at least half of the episodes directed by women, and this is one of the 6/9 that were. Episode 11, The Fight, was also directed by a woman, Megan Griffiths. I think these episodes are perfect bookends of each other. I almost wish i could make a single post about them as a pair. In The Fight, just like Voyeurs, most of the episode is the body language of two women physically engaged, but whereas the former is a ballet routine, The Fight watches two MMA fighers engaged in a brutal battle.
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I gave up after the second one. Should I've been watching all along, and/or can I just watch this one if it's particularly better?
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I've seen episodes 5-8, 10-11. I would suggest watching episode 5: The Internet first. It's a very touching but hilarious and frustrating mother-son story in the early internet days. Then watch Voyeurs and The fight back to back. Those are the only 3 I've seen that I consider must-watch, though I've heard really good things about the finale.
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Oh, and I'd seen episode 2 as well, and besides the joy of watching James Van der Beek attempt to two step in a tuxedo, I thought the premise was v contrived and I understand why you would stop watching after that.
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