Person of Interest: Brotherhood
October 21, 2014 1:40 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Gang gets new numbers, a brother and a sister. Turns out they stole $500,000 from a drug deal gone bad, and Finch has to talk an old friend into helping reign in the gangs before they find the money - and the kids. One of the gangs is vicious and smart Brotherhood, and Reese connects with a DEA agent who thinks the Brotherhood is infiltrating police forces, including her own.
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I agree with Annalee Newitz on this one: the scene with Elias and Finch was the best part of the episode and suggests an interesting new ark for Elias, but the rest of the episode felt like an awkward After School Special.

But then I've never really liked the human-centric episodes, I like the ones which focus on the AIs, like tonight's episode.
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After seeing episode 5, I think what this episode was supposed to do was help reconnect the audience and the characters with the overall humanity of their mission and purpose - it would be very easy to get all wrapped up in the building AI war and forget why Finch and the Machine started in the first place. That said, not a really great ep from my perspective with the exception of the Finch/Elias conversation.
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The reveal of Dominic's identity was a great twist.
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