Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stupid Watergate II: Fox News' Cries Of "Witch Hunt"
June 16, 2018 7:38 AM - Season 5, Episode 14 - Subscribe

This week:
  • Trump prepares for the (then) upcoming North Korea summit, of course, by not preparing.
  • Philippine President and strongman Rodrigo Duterte very uncomfortably kisses a young woman before a crowd.
  • And Now: Julie Chen Has A Few Questions For The Audience of "The Talk."
  • Main Story: More on Stupid Watergate, this time about Fox News' efforts to normalize the idea that the Mueller investigation is a "witch hunt" by calling that through every channel available to them, in an desperate (yet somewhat effective) effort to get ordinary Americans thinking it must be one, despite the fact that they've already charged 20 people and three companies, and gotten five guilty pleas. Watch it on YouTube (18m).
  • And Now: The Entire Seventeen-Minute Piece You Just Saw, Boiled Down To Eight Seconds.
  • Finally, a bit about the UK. Last week's episode had a segment about the putdowns of House of Commons speaker John Bercow that could not air in the UK, because of a stupid law saying footage of the chamber could not be used in "light entertainment" or "political satire." Because they used such footage this week and thus UK viewers again cannot be shown the whole program, LWT offers five minutes of replacement content: Gilbert Gottfried reading Yelp reviews.

- The Philippines: "The southeast Asian island that is, and not the teenage fan club for Prince Phillip."
- Rodrigo Duterte: "Authoritarian strongman and aspiring Street Fighter II character."
- Stupid Watergate: "A scandal potentially on the scale of Watergate, but where everyone involved is dumb and terrible and bad at everything."

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Not just Yelp reviews: three star Yelp reviews.

As a big fan of one star reviews of national parks on TripAdvisor I was delighted by this. I hadn't realized how great three star reviews are: they didn't love it, they didn't hate it but they do have some banal-but-picky observations to share.
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