Elementary: Sand Trap
June 19, 2018 1:55 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson search for the killer of a woman found encased in cement; Watson takes a giant leap forward regarding her interest in adoption.
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I'm still not a huge fan of this adoption plot line, but it did lead to some nice moments between Sherlock and Joan. But I'm really not particularly interested in seeing them introduce a baby into their household.

Aside from my misgivings about all that, I found this to be an overall decent episode. It was nice to get a break from the serial killer storyline, after the brief check in about it at the beginning of the episode.

We also got a Clyde reference, but still no actual scene with Clyde. Maybe he's just been spending some time swimming around in Sherlock's sensory deprivation chamber.
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As warm as the feelings are from everyone at the end of the episode about how wonderful Joan is, I can't help but wonder if Sherlock knew that his endorsement of Joan would have that effect and maybe he sabotaged the adoption intentionally...
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I LOVED IT. I felt super hesitant about any adoption storyline that involves babies, but this was something that didn't feel coerced, more - Joan giving the woman space, and her own grief, and Sherlock processing things and then putting her first. His immediate assumption that one of them would move, her immediate assumption that she would give up parenting to stay together - very Gift of the Magi.

Also I just really want to see Sherlock with a baby strapped to his chest talking a mile a minute while testing milk on his wrist and explaining to befuddled people that of course she's brilliant, she's Watson's child.
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I wondered the same thing, doctornecessiter.

I was impressed by how healthy Sherlock looked when we walked back in the door at the beginning. Good acting, good makeup, the contrast to earlier scenes worked.
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The three-months-later time-jump felt very much like a "right, enough of the Sherlock-is-ill storyline, let's reset and do the adoption storyline".

Necessary I guess in that it's hard to do a show without the presence of its main character; but how fun it would have been to get at least one episode that was just Joan Watson, Lady Detective At Large.
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"right, enough of the Sherlock-is-ill storyline, let's reset and do the adoption storyline".

Seriously. I feel like this season is fucking around with some pretty major plot devices (Sherlock has a head injury that could ruin his entire life!) and pussyfooting around them. Like at this point either Joan adopts a baby and then we have Baby Timeline to deal with or she doesn't and we have Joan Never Realizes Her Maternal Yearning plotline to deal with. I don't like either of those. And I'm mad I think because I really liked Inspector Murdoch which dealt with a lot of the same "Maybe baby" plotlines.

In real life, people's lives sometimes get super different and sometimes do not when they have a baby. In TV land, people's lives always get super different when they introduce a baby chracter because that is why they put the baby there in the first place! Though I'm with you dorothyisunderwood, I could see ways they could make it work. But usually, because of sexist Hollywood, babies are just ways to subtly burden female (and sometimes male) characters within the limited TV power dynamics.

Like, I liked this episode and I thought the whole itneraction with the woman carrying the child seemed sincere and interesting and all the rest. At the same time I just want to get back to Holmes and Watson solve crimes! And maybe we can have more plotlines with the rest of the chracters. Remember when Bell had real arcs?
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