Colony: Sea Spray
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Will and Katie wonder if they are really safe in Seattle. Snyder finds compromising information on Everett Kynes. Amy and Broussard part ways.

+ Seattle Bloc

* Pike Pine Boxing Gym, some folks work out and spar
* Dave O'Neill and Harris discuss how easy a smash'n'grab operation on an armoury would be, Harris is worried about showing 'their' presence
* Harris works for Kynes gathering intel for Seattle resistance, Adam convinces Harris on the pragmatism of having guns instead of having none
* at work Kynes catches Harris apparently snooping, Harris tells Kynes the armouries are being scouted by one of Harris' Outliers
* Kyne's motivations are unclear, discusses when to let 'them' have guns

* Will whistles while preparing breakfast at home, Bram's perplexed "So, that's it?"
* Will calls getting Bram to help 'a mistake,' Bram starts getting pissed off, leaves

* Will is no longer quite so chipper, Katie: "You made a mess."
* Katie asks about 'last night,' Will talks, has been using action to stay functional
* Will had hopes Seattle might actually be safe, has been disabused of that notion
* Katie briefs Will on disappearing refugees
* Will realizes Seattle Authority knew exactly who they are, briefs Katie on Outliers
Will: "From Alan Snyder. He's in the Bloc, we grabbed him from his hotel."
Katie: "Who's we?"
Will: sighs "Me and Broussard."
* Katie develops a plan to verify Alan's intel

* at some docks, B inquires about passage to Blake Island, is informed about swimmer drones and an Authority ferry
* at AmyHQ B and Amy realize they need help getting to Blake Island, "I told you last night if he's in I'm out."
B: "I owe him"
Amy: "I don't. You're always talking about discipline, keeping emotions out of work. If you mean it you've got to cut Bowman loose."
B: "I can't."
Amy: "Then I'm done. I want you out before I get back from my shift."

* B and Will scope out Blake from some docks
* Amy is a neurologist (ed: not an urologist) specializing in surgery (?), is no longer available
* B hints at Will that Will's been screwing up

* at work Katie asks Michelle to pull Will's immigration file, Michelle threatens to report Katie but acquiesces after being blackmailed
* Michelle knows about OCS - Outlier classification - who are fast tracked into the Bloc
Katie: "So there are others like Will. How many?"
Michelle: "Hundreds."
Katie: "I want a list."
Michelle: "If I do this, we're done."
Katie: "I promise you will never have to deal with me again."

* Katie visits B at AmyHQ
* B and Katie reconcile leaving Katie out
* Katie passes along the Outlier list

* Katie and Will visit a hardware store, Katie introduces herself to Outlier Dave
* Dave does a runner, B's waiting out the back, introduces himself
* Dave attacks B, Will tackles Dave
B: "You served?"
Dave: "Naw."
Will: "We did. Rangers (Will). Marines (B)."
Dave: "Navy."
* Katie shows Dave the list, clues Dave onto Outliers
* RAPs are called "morphs" (?) around here
* Dave wants to verify the list before making introductions

* Will visits Amy at the hospital cafeteria, apologizes and makes excuses
* discusses B losing his team of kids in LA
Amy: "Self pity? That's a delightful addition to this package."
Will: "... you're right. I'm not ok. I had another son. He was killed."
Amy: "... You need help. Real help. What about the rest of your family. You will drag them down with y"
Will: "You think I don't know that?"
* Will declines therapy, meds
* Amy eventually allows herself to be possibly convinced back

* Alan lets Scott Garland into his hotel room, Scott complains about Seattle
* Alan briefs Scott on Will and B's presence
Alan: "They abducted me."
Scott: "Why are you still alive?"
Alan: "You know, its your empathy that really sets you apart."
* Alan's operational security is intact, tells Scott about Kyne's super-nano-chainmail sample
Alan: "... which is why Kynes didn't report the theft. Just like we're not going to report the Resistance activity in this Bloc. At least not until we figure out how to exploit it."

* walking down the street, Alan's Kynes assigned detail annoyed at being left behind
* Alan waves his Seattlephone "Trust me, Mr. Garland is going to keep me very safe... If Kynes wants to track me he can just use this."

* at a bar, someone in SCP uniform meets Scott, who introduces Alan as "his handler"
* Alan asks about 'the professionals,' not-Greyhats are super black ops
* not-Greyhats searching for something, Kynes personally invested

* Alan and Scott visit the carjacking site, plans to get B and Will and the 'polymer'
Alan: "If only it were that easy."
* Scott has Will's address, entire family is in Seattle
* Alan puzzles how the Bowmans came through the front door
Scott: "They know who he is."
Alan: "They know exactly who he is. ... This is it. Kynes' fatal error."
Scott: "Because he let one Outlier slip through the vent?"
Alan: "I highly doubt he's the only one."

* Alan confronts Kynes about the 'theft and double murder'
Alan: "Magic lettuce?"
Kynes: "A flexible membrane designed for building ultra lightweight containment. It's fairly technical."
Alan: "Can I see it?"
Kynes: "It was our only sample."
Alan: "Do you know who stole it?"
Kynes: "That's's part of an ongoing investigation."
Alan: "Should the IGA worry about this material being in the wrong hands?"
Kynes: "I don't think it would be of much use to anyone. I barely understand it and I have two PhDs."
* Alan tries to get in contact with some not-Greyhats, Kynes suggests Alan's detail

* Alan's Kynes assigned detail stonewalls over a fancy lunch
* Alan pretends to want to recruit them for the IGA, covers the bill with a Seattlephone, leaves
* Scott collects Harris' waterglass with an evidence bag, leaves

* Harris' real name is Victor Resnick, former US Army Delta Force
* both of the detail are Outliers and never employed by IGA nor podded
Scott: "Men like that need to be kept on a short leash. This is reckless. Kynes is a careful man."
Alan: "It doesn't add up. Does it?"
Scott: "This is how insurgencies get started."
Alan: "This is what I like about you Garland, you look ahead."
* instead of ratting out Kynes, Alan decides to play it safe with a reckless move to see how he responds

* Bram returns home after a frustrating day, Gracie's doing homework
* Bram brings Gracie to meet Meadow and her dad, makes excuses for Katie and Will

* Katie and Will take an evening stroll at a park in the rain, discuss plans
* Katie surreptitiously probes whether Will has used Bram, Will evades, Katie knows
* Will is reverse pickpocketted
7:00 AM
Pike Pine Gym
No Phones.
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Feels like a setup episode for the last three of the season.

This show is really not good about introducing characters, especially by name.

Its cute that the writers injected the trope that the aliens have different regional nicknames. I guess communication between Colonies is near non-existent, and that transitioned pretty quickly. How typical that the PNW name for the Hosts/ RAPs/ Clicks is (xeno)morph (I think?).

I still want to know how RAP is spelled and what it means/ why that name.

For all that Katie and Will talk about "normal" and "safe" for Gracie and Bram, they sure are inconsistent/ absent parents.

Scott Garland - former (possibly corrupt) FBI, Greyhat Lieutenant, and Greyhat Captain promoted for his involvement in Operation Roanoke now on undercover secondment to Alan Snyder - I can't put my finger on it, but I kind of like this character. No idea why; he isn't particularly interesting nor particularly uninteresting.

Kynes is a jackass. A PhD is a terminal degree and the vast majority of schools will refuse to enroll you in a doctoral program if you already hold a PhD. There are edge cases like honorary PhDs in a different field or changing from STEM to humanities - and then there are wankers who claim "double major PhD" or "two PhDs" (their thesis involved more than one field) which is a totally wanker thing to do.

The vast majority of freshly minted PhDs go on to do one or more post-docs, typically in a slightly different field, but its not uncommon for, say, a cancer biology PhD to do a post-doc in molecular neuroscience (typically some newly emergent field) and then continue to pursue the second subject as a career - as was the case for my PhD supervisor.

No one's going to let you write a second thesis and submit that for a second PhD. You just do the work and publish. Unless you're a wanker.

Don't get me started on the jagoffs who claim PhD(c) - where the 'c' stands for "candidate" - and I've even see people who've dropped out who still cling to that.
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Dave called the aliens "Morks," as in "from Ork." That's what I heard him say, and I had to check subtitles to make sure because it seemed like kind of a stretch for people to reach that far back into pop culture. I like "morphs" better.
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Ah, thank you zerbinetta!

I also probably screwed up Scott talking about letting 'one Outlier through the vent' - I think he said 'net' instead of 'vent.'
posted by porpoise at 1:16 PM on July 6, 2018

It just occurred to me - the most charitable interpretation of Kynes is that he was told as a child that he was a 'prodigy.'

Skipped many grades, went to college early, fast-tracked into grad school (either a social science or something like statistics or comp sci - or vice versa). Did ok, then switched (either was very passionate and/or rich family to support being a grad student) and - completely lucking out on timing and being in the right place - came up with the algorithm that sorts humans well enough that it was approved from up on high.

Now, this involves a lot of skill and innate talent but also a huge amount of luck on getting noticed - at the right time and place.

This scenario could explain why Kynes is such a freaking wanker.
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