12 Monkeys: Season 4 (Series Finale)
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The final conflict between the Travelers and the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
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Overall, it was an entertaining 4 seasons of tele.

Aaron Stanford (James Cole) eventually grew on me, Barbara Sukowa (Jones) was very good. Todd Stashwick (Deacon) was pretty memorable. Nice to have Kirk Acevedo (Ramse) back for the last episode. Emily Hampshire (Jennifer Goines) was outstanding throughout.

Goines really should have been/ is the star/ focus of the series.

The gunfights were horrible throughout, but the martial arts weren't bad and got pretty respectable the second half of the series.

Looks like the writers had at least an outline of the ending and had salted previous seasons with a couple of little 'inexplicables' that were answered at the end.

I thought that they kind of fixed the time travel shenanigans a little bit in Season 3, but the writers just shrugged 'eh, its so broken, lets just say someone wants to break it on purpose.'

The ending was definitely 'a magician did it' but was satisfying.


The series, in the end, fully splintered the show from the movie (who's theme was if time travel was real or was James Cole just mentally divergent) and into James Cole was able to survive time travel because his mother - Jones' kid - was a time traveler... but wait, Cole's original mother was the Witness' daughter? So, uh, yeah.

Also, the virus was released by the Travelers - and preventing Cole from the virus pandemic timeline from kidnapping Cassandra Railly pre-virus release results in no virus release (?).

And key players retain future memories in the uninterferred-with 2013.

So, it was entertaining but in retrospect completely nuts.

Viewed as a vehicle for Hampshire/ Goines - absolutely no regrets.
posted by porpoise at 3:09 PM on July 7 [1 favorite]

I don't think you can actually finish a time travel story without some kind of causality fuckup. That's OK, at least this finished instead of being cancelled (looking at you, Timeless). Fun show, had its weak spots (Olivia was unrelentingly, cartoonishly evil) but overall pretty good for the kind of budget put into it. And they killed Hitler, which was strangely funny.
posted by axiom at 9:10 PM on July 8 [1 favorite]

Good that this is getting wrapped up with some actual ending rather than just dropped with with weirdness of the third season totally ambiguous, it'll make a rewatch sometime much more satisfying.
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Agree strongly - having a planned ending (especially for a time-travel adjacent show) is infinitely preferable to an unexpected one.

Not sure that I completely agree that a time travel travel story can conclude without a causality fuckup - or that a causaility fuckup ending could be written to make sense and there are consequences. But yeah, not interested in fighting.

Forgot to mention how much I loved the costumes (other than for 'The Daughters' - yeah, lots of the non-Hero background costumes kind of sucked), especially the period ones.

In the later seasons, even the post-plague rags looked good/ made sense.

Olivia was unrelentingly, cartoonishly evil

Unrelentingly I'm 100% behind... cartoonish, well, she is trying to destroy Time. Goines being the one to warn everyone (crazy knows crazy) and taking on the Cassandria complex was good writing.

As opposed to Cassie being tempted and the whole "it must finish or the process will revert entirely."

This next thing is completely covered under 'and a wizard did it' but Old Jenifer Goines was entertaining as hell but is a complete non-starter continuity wise. But Entertaining. As. Hell.

If I was Brad Pitt - I'd send her flowers and a nice note. Reinterpretted the heck out of the Goines character, and executed like a mf boss. I could see Pitt doing an old Jeffry Goines, but it wouldn't have been worth it physically to get Pitt into believable shape.
posted by porpoise at 9:48 PM on July 9

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