Sharp Objects: Ripe
August 1, 2018 8:32 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Camille agrees to show Richard some of Wind Gap's crime scenes, though the tour opens up old wounds. Alan confronts Adora about her sharing confidences with Chief Vickery, who is concerned about the Crellins hosting the annual "Calhoun Day" attended by Wind Gap's youth...

Fired from his job at Preaker Farms, John shares off-the-record revelations with Camille that raise fresh concerns for her. [official synopsis split to avoid possible spoilers up front]

Sharp Objects recap: season one, episode four - Ripe -- Rich, pacy and thoroughly confusing, this was a disturbing ride of an episode – and the best so far (Rebecca Nicholson for The Guardian)
‘We need to talk about your daughters. One of them is dangerous and the other is in danger’

The problem is, Captain Vickery, that between Camille and Amma, we just don’t know which is which. This was an astonishingly good hour of television, and the best Sharp Objects instalment so far. From Camille’s gruesome tour of Wind Gap’s crime scenes to Adora’s unravelling, to John’s increasingly creepy behaviour, to Alan finally beginning to reveal the personality behind that ice-cold facade, this felt rich and pacy and stylish. I was thoroughly confused by that incredible last sequence, which seemed to play with time, place and intent, but I was happy to go along for the disturbing ride.
Sharp Objects Recap: Devil Child (Angelica Jade Bastién for Vulture)
When I had the pleasure of interviewing Patricia Clarkson about Sharp Objects she said something that has stuck with me ever since, “The body never lies.” Watching “Ripe” I couldn’t get this quote out of my mind. It holds true for everyone in Wind Gap from Gayla with her quiet, knowing gazes sweeping through Adora’s home to Camille whose woundedness glimmers in her every gesture especially when she’s trying to hide.
‘Sharp Objects’ Is a Master Class in Weaponizing Southern Manners — 6 ‘Nice’ Lines That Cut to the Bone -- "Bless your heart. Bless your heart very much." (Ben Travers for Indiewire)

All of the Hidden Words You Missed in Sharp Objects (Kathryn VanArendonk for Vulture) episode 4 is tacked on to the end of this growing article/ list

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I don't really know what to say about this specific episode, but this is a great post. I hadn't seen such a thorough examination of the hidden words and what they signify. Thanks for those links!

Patricia Clarkson's delivery of, "You smell ripe" is so poisonous.
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