Castle Rock: Harvest
August 8, 2018 8:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

"The Kid" is released from Shawshank, with suffering following in his wake; meanwhile, Sheriff Pangborn (Scott Glenn) receives a decidedly bittersweet commendation.

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Official Hulu aftershow podcast for "Harvest"

Also, the normally Game of Thrones-centric podcast A Storm of Spoilers (hosted by Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzalez and Neil Miller) is taking advantage of the longer-than-usual GoT off-season to look at more pop culture doings, including this show -- A Cast of (Stephen) King II: Castle Rock

(New threads posted weekly on Wednesday evening, following the release of each episode on Hulu. Because the show isn't directly based on any particular books, I haven't added a "books included" spoiler tag to these threads, but feel free to share interesting similarities or Easter eggs from Stephen King's books and other media.)
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I'll have more thoughts later, but first something I think absolutely needs to be said: I really don't want to believe that the only reason that Jane Levy exists on this show is to deliver a weak-sauce payoff vis a vis her character's name (The writing for this bit was atrocious), but so far the show isn't giving her much of anything else. I'd really like to see her brought into the Henry/Molly circle a bit more, and maybe this episode is where that finally begins to happen, but I think we can all agree that expository reveal in the car was just plain brutal.
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Pardon me while I lace up these comfortable New Balance sneakers and head down to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of America's favorite coffee(tm) and some tasty donuts.

Was it just me, or was the product placement egregious in this episode? Also, honestly I think this week was weaker than the previous episodes. I don't feel like a lot was brought to the table, anyway.
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I liked that they resolved a few things around the kid - he's still the same age as when TOQ put him away originally, that he doesn't actively appear to incite the chaos around him, but he doesn't shy away from it either, he made a new cage in wossername's loft when left to his own devices probably a few other things that I'm not remembering the next morning.

On the other hand, it does sort of feel like we might be hitting peak spooky without resolution phase. Is that bad? I dunno. I don't demand that every plot thread that was used to establish atmosphere gets resolved, I guess? But I'm going to give a bit of sideeye to any new developments....
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Literary Hero-The Dunkin Donuts moment reminded me of the product placement jokes in Return of the Killer Tomatoes. I mean really. Not the way to build a creepy vibe.
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The way she bit into that pink frosted donut definitely gave me the "I'm hungry" feeling, not the "Oh shit, she's about to be stabbed in the face" feeling.
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New Englanders really do like their Dunkin Donuts though. Maybe that one was a poorly thought out bit of local color.

As far as real thoughts go, I think if this is, indeed, a limited 10-episode run, it is probably time to start heading towards some resolution. That said, I liked this one more than most here seemed to.

Ruth and the bridge: The Kid left a statue on the bridge in Molly's model of the town. Did the Kid know Ruth would jump off the bridge, or did he make her jump off the bridge? Related to him appearing to contemplate jumping off the roof?

The scene with the Kid lurking in the house: Was that his house as a kid? The docs recommended getting him into familiar surroundings to help with the amnesia, and that Shirley Temple music certainly set an older scene. Plus Gordie is a super old name. When you look closely, texturally(?) at that scene, what he's watching doesn't really smack of modern life at all. As it was happening, I thought he'd snuck into a modern house and incited some violence and discord on a poor kid's birthday. Now I wonder if it isn't a glimpse into his own childhood? Maybe he went back home and did experience some of his memories.

The scene with Pangborn in the woods: Dang. So we know he hasn't aged, and that he has resurfaced 27 years later. Did we know it had been exactly 27 years? I know we're not in Derry, but a devil/monster/whateverthefuck coming back every 27 years sets off some alarm bells. Just a fun throwaway easter egg? Could be. Given that the actor who plays The Kid is actually Pennywise in the new IT films, maybe the writers are just fucking with us. But maybe not? Joe Hill's books suggest that there are plenty of other monsters like Pennywise, and presumably does so with King's blessing, given the way they throw references around. And obviously, Castle Rock is King-adjacent writing, not King himself.

I agree they're still spinning out bits of story, and it's probably time to start weaving these threads together, but I, for one, am still enjoying the hell out it.
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Guys if we don't see a Breakers scene in the next ep... I'm convinced Henry got taken to the Tower for his "abilities," and that's why his memories are gone. Anyone else think this?
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Yeah, having spent most of my life in New England I'm here to say that people either

a) Really actively love their Dunkin Donuts in the same way they love their Patriots and Red Sox (that is to say with a certain mindless turgid pride)


b) Don't have much of a choice because Dunkin Donuts has strangled most of its competition out of existence.

Driving through any small town in New England, odds are good that they're going to have at least one free-standing Dunkin Donuts and probably one or two more inside gas stations. It's got to be paid product placement within this show, but it didn't really read false to me. Terrible coffee and stale bland donuts (They stopped baking them on-premises in 1996) but they're everywhere, and they're predictable.
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