The 100: Damocles - Part Two
August 10, 2018 2:23 PM - Season 5, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Clarke and her friends must risk everything to fight one last battle for survival, only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on earth.

So first off: Madi taking on the role of Heda, with a ceremonial bowing of Octavia, was pretty cool. I gotta hand it to Octavia for finally seeing sense. But I love how no one expected it from this crazy psycho and was all ready to shoot her down.

McCreary's just the fucking worst. Like everything built up to just him being an asshole and pushing a few buttons and destroying everything. But that is ... very human. I also kinda blame Diyoza for even having that plan in her book. Ugh, humans.

Anyways, that ending! OMG! So just to confirm, Monty and Harper are not returning. And it wasn't a contractual issue, according to show runner Jason Rothenberg, it was to give them a happy ending. I actually really appreciate that, even though I desperately did not want them to go. (btw you should read that interview if you had any questions about the ending, he explains a lot of their writing decisions that makes sense for a show such as this)

I wonder how Jordan will experience all the new things! And it was so touching that he's named after Jasper!

Two suns!

I can't wait for next season!
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Finally.....finished watched it!

The ending was satisfying to a degree, except, Monty was simply too good a person to remain on the show. Oof. When he stopped to carry Murphy, I literally said, "Monty is too good a guy!" Then boom, Monty's gone in a short montage of video takes. -_- I had hoped he'd somehow leveraged his super algae into starting life back on Earth, but naw, naw. At the worse, I can stop worrying about them killing him off. -_-

Jordan seems like he'll be a fascinating character, his parents' son, to add to the cast. If they kill him, I swear, I'll throw something.

I was kind of surprised Octavia survived it all. At times, I've felt she was an aimless character, a little pigeonholed without much of a personality. I still don't think that's necessarily untrue, so I hope this new development allows her to be more interesting.

McCreary. UGH.


It kind of blew my mind that it took five seasons to get through one book in the series. I'm pretty curious what end of the humanity threat will be waiting them on the new planet. I assume it'll be the people who departed earlier for the same planet. We'll see!
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I just binged the back half of the series, and man. It's funny, but even after all the reversals of fortune, betrayals, violence, cannibalism at gunpoint, and so on, the video thing with Monty and Harper was what really got to me.

Also: ditto that the apocalypse bomb should not have made the playbook. (Or if it did, that needed to be a Batman Gambit where the code she wrote in the book actually locked out the system or something in case her playbook fell into enemy hands.)

Anyway, also really looking forward to next season. Hopefully I'll do a better job keeping up with it as it actually airs.
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