The Children Act (2017 movie, released 2018)
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Legal drama adapted by Ian McEwan from his 2014 novel, starring Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci and Ffion Whitehead. Has this had a wide enough distribution to make it worth discussion here? It's just got a limited release in the UK, and I understand it's gone straight to streaming in the USA. (IMDB, BBC)
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I just saw it in the theatre in Canada. Would be interested to discuss it... Mostly because I'm disappointed and just wanted the whole plot line of the movie about the judge's marriage to go away. I went to see a film about a judge making tough decisions and big ideas in law.

After hearing my reeaction my [woman lawyer] friend told me that every law movie featuring a female judge or lawyer makes a big deal about how her family life is ruined (which is why she loves RBG which showed a real life supportive relationship).

Why are there never movies about powerful important women where the husband is just supportive and has her back? (Any suggestions? Thinking back it makes me like Hannah Arendt for another reason.)

Emma Thompson was great as always, though.
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