Castle Rock: Past Perfect
August 30, 2018 7:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Newcomers set up shop in Castle Rock; Henry follows a clue.
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So the axe murder couple was some great comedy, which is a relief after the seriousness of last week's episode. Of course the body count was higher this time, so maybe not everyone will find it funny.

I have a couple questions though. Did Molly kill the deaf Winnebago dude? Is Molly dead? Like sixth sense dead? Are we entering a multiverse situation? Why would Wendell come back? Is it possible that Henry, and not the kid is the catalyst? Or maybe they are the same?

All these questions and only 2 episodes left.
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I'm more confused than ever! They can't be going for a 'she was dead all along ooooOOoooo!' thing, because it's well established that everyone in town can see and talk with her (she went on TV!).

It's got to be a Dark Tower-esque multiverse thing. Notice the Kid in the first Warden Lacy painting is wearing the exact same sweater Henry was wearing in the missing kid poster. Is the Kid Henry in another universe?

They've also still not done anything to tip the scales towards the Kid being evil, and in fact he seems to believe he's helping. He rescued Henry from the mysterious basement all those years back? Was Henry the focus of evil that Warden Lacy kidnapped, and the Kid took his place? (But Pangborn saw the Kid in Lacy's trunk, and said he hadn't changed in all those years. Augh!)

And now Wendell can hear the schisma?

I thought maybe young Willie didn't take to being corrected, and he put the poker in Odin's eye? (I understood that reference!).
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The bed and breakfast couple made this feel like an episode of American Horror Story. Which I kind of liked, but it was a lot of screentime dedicated to something that seemingly advanced the plot very little. The basement was a disappointment.
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But also, when he came up from the basement, did we see a different door with a padlock?
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I said to my gf that this episode was like American Horror Story but better.
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I'm confused by the timeline. Didn't Henry go to the widow Lacy's house not long ago and see the lock on the basement? Did she just up and sell the place offscreen, or did I miss something?
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Ok, I binged the whole season I’m the last two days not realizing the season wasn’t over and AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!
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The Stanley Hotel must feel so called out by this episode.
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