Lodge 49: The First Season
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Sean Dudley lives such a small life that even his twin sister calls him "Dud". But when he finds a ring from the fraternal society of the Lynx, he suddenly discovers a new world of camaraderie, purpose, and... maybe something even deeper and darker than the other Lynx know.
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I don't have AMC Premiere so I'm watching this on a weekly basis (which is nice, as it gives me something to look forward to). Every week I think back to the first episode, when the pawn shop owner tells Dud that the Lynx ring is worthless because it isn't made of real gold, and wonder if we'll find out that it's not "real" gold, but alchemical gold.

All in all, I really like this show.
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My spouse and I have been all but unable to watch hour-long shows for the last year or so -- between time (toddler is going to bed later and later) and not really having the emotional spoons necessary to watch most fictional drama in our modern hellworld, we've let most things slip farther and farther down the DVR queue. I don't even know why I caught this one, but we had the first three or four recorded before we settled in and started the pilot.

After the first episode, we agreed that we'd keep giving it a try. I noticed that it was billed as a Comedy, and while I don't know that I entirely agree, it's definitely not a drama-drama, which is probably why we managed it.

Then we binged the next three in one or two nights, and damn if we're not just hooked. There's just enough weirdness that it might be... magical realism? But mostly it's just well-written and -acted enough that I really care about what happens next.

Also, Sonya Cassidy (Liz) is British. Whoa.
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Hy husband and I are LOVING the show. There is so much unexpected sweetness in every episode.
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I have only seen 3 or 4 episodes, but I'm enjoying it as well. The characters are all really well crafted.
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The positive nature of this show is a breath of fresh air in this world.
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Wait... who's the guy who just turned up at the lodge with a suitcase? Have we ever seen him before?
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I don't think we have. I'm curious to see what's up with him, as he seemed at least somewhat aware of Lynx protocol, but also surprised to be let in.

Who were all the people at Orbis after Dud emerged from the underground room? Have we seen the guy who recognized him?
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Who were all the people at Orbis after Dud emerged from the underground room? Have we seen the guy who recognized him?

I don't think so. My spouse thought that he might have been in the board room when Ernie "snuck" in, but we haven't gone back and looked.
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Also, that other security guard at Orbis? Literally every part of his head is built incorrectly. It's amazing.
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I thought the guy that just turned up at the lodge with a suitcase was the bus driver from the previous episode who freaked out upon news of "the true lodge." (I may be wrong. I keep getting this stuff wrong lately.)
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YES. The bus driver. That's why they showed him in the Previously On section.
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Aha! I'd forgotten about the bus driver.

Anyone think we'll see the redolent-of-eggplant scrolls, or are they a Macguffin?
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Damn, I like this show. I want to be a Lynx.
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Well, you can’t ask for a better way to introduce Bruce Campbell, that’s for damn sure.
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This show reminded me that the Odd Fellows lodge in the neighborhood is alive and kicking, so I've decided to look into joining. The membership seems pretty cool so far.

On a show-related note, I loved Ernie's boss' absurd poem and Beautiful Jeff feigning unconsciousness until his boss was gone.
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I'm noticing really good Asian representation in this show. Am I wrong? And none of the the Asian cast seems to be caricatures, except maybe the donut shop owner (and maybe he was just being A Dad instead of An Asian Dad, I don't know, I never had a good father figure)?
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Wow. They really stuck the landing. I'm glad AMC bought a second season, though, because as a series end, that would not have worked as well. But the writers perfectly bridged an expanded universe and plot arcs without tying everything up neatly.

After Sean shaved and then spent the whole next scene in profile, my spouse said he looks like a Frank Quitely drawing. I thought he looked even more like one of those Enquirer "If They Had A Child" mockups of his actual parents. (Also, I notice that the producers somehow found someone to play Pa Dudley who looks exactly like you would describe Kurt Russell without actually looking anything like Kurt Russell.)

I wonder what's next for Liz, who is essentially in the place that Sean was at the beginning of the season -- no assets, but no obligations (and, literally, sitting in the old shop). I asked my spouse whether Liz had ever so much as been to the lodge, and we couldn't remember. In retrospect, her plot seemed kind of... bolted on? to the rest of the show.

Blaise finding the secret compartment and Ernie finding the tunnel was a little too neat, though (especially given that El Confidente was in the trailer waiting for him).

My spouse and I are still discussing whether Sean was going to commit suicide.

A nice little interview with the creators and a bit of a look forward here.
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