American Animals (2018)
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Based on a true story, four bright and well-off college students in Kentucky plot to steal some rare books from their university's Special Collections Library in a misguided quest for personal glory.
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In the opening of the film they make a point of saying this isn't "based" on a true story - it is the true story. More of a dramatized documentary than your standard heist film, and also made with the participation of the actual people involved. The amateur plotters are just this side of comically inept, but it isn't really played for laughs - overall I found the approach very interesting.
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for anyone not familiar with the case outside of the movie:

"American Animals, in its attempt to rehabilitate the boys, portrays them as reluctant to assault Gooch. It’s a narrative technique meant to soften a brutal encounter, and to reaffirm the otherwise likable image we have of them up to that point. But the truth is less sympathetic....

...How the people who wink and nod at this crime — after all, it’s only library books they stole — reconcile the attack on BJ Gooch, I do not know. Layton does it by showing us that the boys are really sorry. But I cannot get past it. As a human it irritates me. As a special collections librarian it terrifies me. But as a person who studies rare book crime it disappoints me; it’s just such a bad way to steal books."

beyond that, it cannot be overstated how fucking dumb these boys were and how comprehensively ignorant they were about what they were stealing. it's almost impossible for me not to sympathize with anybody who steals something they really, really want, even if that something is just money. these boys don't qualify. that entire article is essential.
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Thanks for the link, really great reading. I felt so uncomfortable watching this movie, at least got some more heist movie recommendations from it.
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Between this and Hereditary, Ann Dowd is just killing it this year.
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